Miss you Jim at Chorale

September 10, 2019
Michael T Siegel said:
I feel compelled to mention an observation, which I believe was an amazing event at Uncle Jim's Final Tribute on earth. It happened during the Military Honors presentation of the Pueblo Veterans Ritual Team and the U.S. Navy Honor Guard. Whereby, suddenly a noticeable gust of wind started. It was just strong enough to get attention, yet not too strong to disrupt. The Military Honors presentation proceeded to honor Uncle Jim, with special presentations for his children -- more specifically, his treasured son Dick. They concluded the beautiful Final Tribute for Uncle Jim absolutely impeccably. It was the amazing timing and duration of the gust of wind, which can seemingly only be explained by one of two reasons. Either it was mere coincidence, or it was Divine Intervention. Given the fact that the wind gust started during the Military Honors, and ended almost immediately after, the reason seems obvious. I believe there was a Final Honor hidden in the Military Honors. A Final Fly Over, for a distinguished veteran U.S. Navy Flight Control Operator. Yes, I believe God ordered His Angels to perform a Final Fly Over, invisible yet magnificent, for a fine man who served him well. I share this observation for everyone who knew James Holst well. However, I write this especially for his beloved children and family, whom may have been too overwhelmed with emotion to notice the timing and duration of the amazing wind gust. It started quickly, lasted momentarily, then ended suddenly. Yet it was the timing that revealed the Divine Intervention. Wind created by the wings of Angels, honoring your Father one last time on earth. Rest in Peace Uncle Jim. Michael Siegel

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