Funeral Services

We are personally very fond of pets and believe they bring companionship and joy to families.  Our cat Freida is a constant presence here at our facility and “works with us” daily.

Montgomery & Steward is the only pet crematorium in Southern Colorado which guarantees individual pet companion cremation.

When a pet dies, the loss of that companion can be difficult for everyone. This is why we started caring for pets because we feel it’s important to have a compassionate and caring service for this friend and companion.

Our pet services include a dedicated facility for cremation and the experience of our staff in ensuring excellent care.

Cremation Options

It is important to know the different options available when choosing cremation for your pet.  


Pets are cremated individually from the beginning to the end of the cremation process.  This option is performed using the same human industry standards with a return of the pet’s cremated remains to the family. This is a service we provide to you.


Pets are cremated at the same time along with other pets.  Cremated remains are not returned to the family. We do not provide this service.

We invite you to call us today to learn more about our pet services.

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