Zoe Lee Valentine died at her home in Pueblo West, Colorado on January 27, 2009, after a long illness. Zoe married Stewart Valentine in Pueblo, Colorado in 1991. A longtime Pueblo resident, she and her husband were proprietors of Valentine Taxidermy. They won many awards for excellence. Zoe loved hunting and fishing, once hiring a guide and tracking down a mountain lion with a compound bow. Zoe was born on March 11, 1960, in Wichita, Kansas, to Dixie Lee Scott Schmehr and Robert Lee Schmehr. She was the fourth of five children and the youngest daughter. She attended school at Hill City, Kansas, Dodge City Community College, and the University of Southern Colorado earning an associates degree. She is survived by her ex-husband Stewart; two stepchildren; two sisters; one brother; father; numerous relatives; and friends. Zoe was preceded in death by her mother; brother; and nephew. At her request, there will be no viewing. Family and friends will hold a memorial service at 2:00 PM, Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009, Montgomery & Steward Funeral Home, Pueblo, Colorado. Interment in Woodland Park Cemetery, Woodland Park, Colorado. Online condolences, MontgomerySteward.com

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  1. Wow, i can’t belive it .
    i loved you a lot zoe. iam sorry i lost you. we were in love for a long time.
    i wish i did married you when you asked me .

  2. We love you and miss you, Zoe. Smile
    on us while we’re at the lake for the family reunion!

  3. May God Bless you and your family. I will continue to pray for you.

    I only learned of this today. God keep you safe, full of peace, and tranquility in angels wings.

  4. Zoe……
    I have to say that all the time I got to share with you and Stewart, during our late night “finishing” marathons, were some of the best times I’ve had in a taxidermy shop. Thank you to both of you, for the great experiences, and general fun while we were all under the gun to get work out. I’m so grateful that my most enduring memories will be filled with Zoe as the “whirlwind” around the shop. Full of life.. and one liners when you least expected them. Thank you again, to both of you. And Zoe… please slow down on the taxidermy work upstairs… the finshing marathons will have to wait a while!!!!

  5. I miss you so much. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with me. You have had such a HUGE impact. Stewart, …….Thank You! for taking care of my good friend that meant so much.

  6. Zoe, you were a beautiful soul. I will see you soon. I know you will be there waiting. I miss you Panda Baby!

  7. I met Zoe as DayZDreamer. I loved her personality and wit. I loved her paintings. And I loved being friends. But I guess God needed a Valentine… I know you’re ok, Zoe! I hope I can be as brave as you!

  8. I met Zoe online a couple years ago and immediately felt blessed by her friendship. I have great memories of her wonderful sense of humor, her great heart and support she provided to me.

    She will live on in my memory forever. She touched so many lives that there would never be enough space to list them all.

    My sincere sympathies to all her family and friends.

  9. I wish to extend my deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of Zoe. She was a beautiful and talented young woman, who will be truly missed.

  10. Oh Schmernie, I was thinking of calling you many times this last year. I wish I had.

    I will always remember you.

  11. My fondest memories of Zoe are from the summer I was a mere 13yrs and visiting my sister Dixie for the summer. I was to babysit the “kids” and remember Zoe as the dark-haired tomboy with the mischievous smile. She was a beautiful and spirited little soul. At our next meeting, she with a tall, lanky, attractive, young woman with an easy way about her. She will be missed…Aunt Diana

  12. I want to thank everyone for thier kindness.I’m sorry I was a bit out of it on Tuesday but I’m sure everyone understands. I cared a great deal for Zoe and tried to help her through her ordeal as best I could. She was a fighter all the way to the end. I am gratefull for everyone who came. It ment alot to the family and I.
    Zoe was really a beutifull person full of life & laughter…a real free spirit.She will live on in our hearts and in the stories we tell. Her work will be appreciated
    for generations. She taught me alot over the years and we shared many unique and happy memories.I would like to thank Mike & Roberta Maddux as well as my beutifull nieces Kate & ruthy. Zoe & I needed and got your support.her dad and uncle Bill & Connie Schmehr. You did not dissapoint.I thank you all.It was good to see faces I have not seen in a while. It will take a while to get back to” normal” what ever that is.if anyone want’s to reach me call me at 719-778-6089 or 778-0716.email..

  13. My Zoe, she was the neatest lady I ever knew, she could hunt like a boy and never let you forget she was just as tough. My Mom worked with Zoe from the time I was almsot 2 until I was almost 7, I spent so much time with Zoe at the shop and her home I thought she was related to me. She taught me the difference between a mule deer and a white tale and loved when I called an antelope an anapope. I hope she knew how much she was there for me and my mom. I always thought she would take me hunting some day. Since we became an Army family we move so much I wish we could have stayed in Colorado to see her more. I will always love you my zoe and if your up there watching you can see me get my first deer, my step dad promised to take me but he is scared to use a bow like you! — Dominic Lieto-Mills (9 yrs old)

  14. Zoe was one of my older cousins. I just remember how cool I always thought she was… and she really was! I’ll never forget the ride on her Harley, I can feel the wind in my hair like it was yesterday. I’m so sad she’s gone.

    Heather Apicelli

  15. My deepest sympathy goes out to Zoe’s friends and family. She was a free spirit that lived on her own terms. I am lucky to have met her.

  16. It was fortunate for me to have crossed paths with Zoe and spend a great deal of time with her in past years.I have so many memories of the wonderful person she was.I will always remember how she could make even strangers smile and laugh. She was with my family during one of the most difficult times in my life and she was a great support. When my father was in Boulder Hospice (2004), she took time off of work to be with us.My whole family enjoyed having her there. She was even able to bring humor and smiles to that situation. One night, she stayed with me while I stayed with my dad. When he woke up at 10:30 pm, he was surprised to see her there. She leaned over and gave her that “trade mark” smile of hers and said, ‘I’m stayin’ the night with you! And your wife said it’s ok!’� We all smiled and laughed; even my dad. This world will miss Zoe.She had a way of making people in restaurants enjoy their work. She could go to Walgreen’s and make the people smile with her honesty and wit.My point is that she made even the mundane tasks, more enjoyable for everyone.I know that I will miss her and behalf of my entire family, we offer our thanks, our condolences and our prayers.May you rest in peace Zoe.

  17. I only knew Zoe from an online contact. Wish my wife and I could have met her. She was an absolute peach. And the only person that gave us a rubber chicken.

    Love you Zoe.

  18. I am Zoe’s sister. Thank you all for the beautiful comments about Zoe. Zoe was not only my younger sister by one year, she was also my best friend. She was a gentle child with a special place in her heart for animals. When we were kids she always had some stray animal following her home. I can still see her standing at the door with a dirt smudged face begging mom to keep it. She was a tom boy always hanging upside down from a tree or chasing chickens out by the chicken coupe.
    She grew into a beautiful confident women. She was always very generous with her time and love when it came to my four children, Katie, Ruth, Zach and Josh. They always looked forward to seeing her and she them. They spent many splendid hours with Zoe and Stewert in the summertime. Some of my fondest memories include the wonderful times we had when Zoe and Stewert came over on holidays. Whether we were playing cards or pitching horseshoes in the the back yard, they were always good company. I have the greatest admiration for Stewert’s unconditional, everlasting love for Zoe.
    I believe in the Bible’s promises. I know that Zoe did too. We will meet again someday.

  19. I love you Zoe! You will never be forgotten ! Our times of laughter, talks, fun, tears will all be remembered. I hold you in my heart forever. I know you are happy now and can find peace in all you do. I will see again my friend !
    My heart is with all Zoe’s family for their great loss as well.

  20. Stewart – Peace to you and Zoes’ family. I hope that you will find solace in the fact that her battle is over and set is her sun, but it was by the grace of god it has been won. I know that she had many days out in Gods’ beautiful creation and now he will reveal it all to her. Peace of the Lord to you and yours, Dave Wodiuk – Nature Spirit Productions

  21. Dear Stewart,
    We are so very saddened to learn of beautiful Zoe’s passing. All of us in the office share in your great loss.

    I’ll never forget meeting Zoe’�painter, taxidermist, wild-woman and wilderness lover who met you eye to eye and with such bounding confidence and grace’�an artist and art lover, and such a complex and sensitive woman. Throughout her life Zoe was always gracious and her unassuming demeanor always put me and everyone else at ease. The staff at the Chiropractic Health Center also loved having her in our midst.

    Stewart, your tribute to Zoe in The Chieftain was just beautiful and captured her life and sparkle perfectly.

    Our thoughts and prayers surround you and Zoe’s family during this difficult time.


    Scott C. Cuthbert, D.C.

  22. Zoe was a beautiful woman inside and out. I loved her dearly, she touched my heart & soul. Such strength and sweetness. You will always be a part of my heart, dear Zoe. My condolences to her family, my heart goes out to your loss. Thank you, Stewart for being there for her…

  23. The memories I have bring laughter… You will always be one of the most amazing women I was ever graced with knowing. Your heart was always in the right place!

  24. Zoe was a very dear sweet friend of mine. She was a very caring, fun and very thoughtful friend. She was there for me when I lost a younger brother in 2005. Please accept my very sincere sorrow for your loss. We will all be together someday. Jerry Gavaldon, Fort Collins

  25. I was really sad to hear of Zoe’s passing. I honestly did not know she was that sick. I had seen her some time ago and she seemed to be doing relatively well. I had met her 8 or so years ago I suppose it was.
    She was always a kick to talk to. She had her ups and downs and I was fortunate enough to be around for a few of them. I remember one day in particular when she had gotten news of her nephews death. She had called me for a ride. She was just so completely devastated about it. She really loved that kid.
    She had told me of her time spent the summer before with him staying at her place.
    It really wasn’t fair…she was so young. He was too. We all are. She left impressions on us and I can speak for everyone who interacted with her, that we are truely sorry about this.

  26. As we spoke about passing before, we knew not who would pass first, but agreed that dying is a very easy thing to do. It is much harder for us that were left behind.
    You enriched my life with your stories and friendship. There will always be a place in my heart for you. Hopefully one day we will meet again. Until then, my condolences to your family and loved ones.
    Love, Billy

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