August 25, 1954 ~ September 3, 2021

Born in: Pueblo, CO
Resided in: Pueblo, CO

Thank you for joining us in the celebration of life of Joseph Victor Pinelle, a/k/a Vic Roberts.
Many of you might not know me, my name is Julie Wolfis. Joseph is my Uncle Vic. He has three siblings, Michael Pinelle, Paula Geonetta and Lisa Denise. He was the third child born to Polly and Joe Pinelle. He attended St. Leanders’ School. Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. He loved poetry. He was great with words. Loved to go bowling at Pinelle’s Bowlero Lanes. He worked at the Red Barn and also had a great interest in music. He graduated from East High School in Pueblo. Received a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from Colorado State University at Pueblo.
Known to many as “Vic Roberts” he made numerous lifelong friends along his journey like, Mark Donley, Dave Hunter, Justin McDevitt and Pat McCabe. Although he never married, these gentlemen were his family. I’m sure they all did a lot of lifting each other up, in good times and bad. Thank you guys for being in his life.
Sometimes in life we all need a little help. Uncle Vic moved home to help his mom and he helped her until her passing. Shortly after that, he fell on hard times. At that time, Uncle Vic came to live at my home with my family. Where he lived peacefully for the last three years.  Thank you to Eric and Zack Wolfis.
In remembrance of Vic Roberts, here are some of his favorite songs:
“Born To Be Wild”
“Bridge Over Troubled Water”
“Take Me Home, Country Road”
“Amazing Grace”
“Seven Spanish Angels”

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  1. CandleImageI just heard about the lost of Vic…he and I were roommates for over 5 years in Denver and Castle Rock.. East High School classmates are working on the 50 year reunion and that’s how I found out. Vic was a wonderful guy and many people in Denver knew him as Bob Dallas at KCCY! We had great times in Denver as he also DJ’d at night clubs back in the Disco days! Thanks to Vic I met my wife of 33 years!! Vic you will be missed but always loved. Larry D.Thompson

  2. CandleImageGreetings Pinelle family. First off, I wanted to say just how sorry I am for your loss. I had the pleaser of working with Vic over at Pueblo Radio Group a few years back. I was proud to call Vic a friend. We always had lots of laughs and good times doing radio events or just everyday work. I left radio and the State to move on to other things in the music and entertainment business and hadn’t been in contact with Vic since. I had moved back in 2021 due to losing my job from Covid and kept trying to look up old radio friends. I was heartbroken to hear about Vic, as he was always a great friend to me. Again, my condolences to you all. Vic was loved by many. He was a great friend and a great mentor in the radio business. He will be missed.

  3. I was saddened to hear of Vic’s passing. A lot of memories flooded back. Growing up in the neighborhood was so much fun. The game and socializing, the great camaraderie.

    • Hello Marty! We had a great neighborhood! I remember you and Vic being good friends. Thank you for remembering Vic and all those memories!

  4. It was hard to hear the news about Vic. Growing up on the eastside on 7th street brought alot of us close in growing up. I remember the basketball games , baseball games, marbles and life in general growing up in the neighborhood. I am fortunate that my Mother – Phyllis Adams – still lives there and of course I visit the neighborhood all the time with fond memories with Vic being a part of those. My sympathies to the family.

    • I remember those games as well and so many other memories on East 7th street. Great times with great neighbors! I remember riding bikes with you and your sister Judy. Give your mother my best and thank you for remembering Vic.

  5. CandleImageVic was a great guy, he had a wonderful personality and hysterical sense of humor. I met Vic through my brother, Mark when I visited Colorado. He was such a wonderful friend to Mark, they were so funny together. He will be missed. RIP my friend🙏 Thank you for being such a wonderful niece Julie and looking after Vic.

    • I’m so blessed to know that Uncle vic met so many wonderful People along his journey. Mark is a wonderful gentleman. I felt like I knew him forever when I met him. Thank you for having such fond memories of him. He will be grearly missed. I would not have had it any other way. He sure was a blessing in our lives. Be safe.

  6. CandleImageI am very sad to hear of Vic’s passing. I met Vic when I lived in Colorado in the 80’s. He was always great to be around. He was always smiling and tried to be positive. You will be missed by all of your friends and family Victor La La.

    • Thank you being a part of Uncle’s life. I have seen and heard “La La” quit a bit. Wishing I knew the meaning? He will be greatly missed. For now, The last “La La” I’m sure he said back. Be safe.

  7. CandleImageThis is such sad news. Vic and I got to know each other in the 70s when I worked across the street from his job at the Red Barn. We became good friends as he transitioned into the broadcasting business, spending many terrific times together, both in radio and in our off hours. I’ll never forget his positive, happy attitude, our friendship and all that we shared…such wonderful memories! We unfortunately lost touch later in our years as regretfully can happen when people move on to different cities, surroundings and responsibilities…making this a harsh reminder to me that we each need to make every effort to not drift too far from those who are important in our lives. Can’t get that lost time back. I will miss you, buddy.

    • Thank you for sharing your memories of my brother! Knowing that he had many good friends means so much.

      • Thank you for being such a great friend to my Uncle. He met alot of wonderful people in his life. I’m glad you were one of them. I appreciate your thots.

  8. Never spent enough time with you, Vickmeister – but the time I did spend was more than well spent. Always a laugh or ten, and just dang good company. You were a sparkling personality that I will have to pity those that never experienced it.
    Rest in Peace, sir. You will be missed.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words about my Uncle Vic. So refreshing to know so many people were uplifted by his sillyness.He will be greatly missed.

    • As my niece Julie said, it is so good to know that others were uplifted by Vic’s silliness! Bringing joy to people is priceless! We will miss him!

  9. So sorry to hear of Vic’s passing. He and I worked together at KCCY in the late 70’s. Vic was Mr. Mellow, so much so that I thought he would fall over! Super nice to work with. I lost track of him when he was doing out-of-town gigs, but reunited with him at Convergys when one day I said to the guy next to me, “Hey aren’t you Vic Pinelle?” I had a photo of him in the KCCY studio that I brought in. That caused a flood of good memories.

    • Thank you for your kind words about my brother! So glad you have such good memories of him! We will all miss him!

      • So wonderful to know you were able to catch back up with him. He really did like working at Convergys.He will be greatly Missed. Thank you for your kind thots.

  10. I met Vic through my late husband, Doug in Cheyenne, WY. They both worked at KUUY/KKAZ. He would come to our place and hang out. He loved my mashed potatoes (he would always eat all the leftovers when everyone was done) and had such a tremendous personality! We (Doug, Vic and I) would travel to Mark Donley’s in Denver and sometimes spend the whole weekend there and we all had such a great time, he was to say the least a ball of fun and we all lived life to the fullest! Vic and Dave Hunter came to Wisconsin to see Doug and me and after not seeing him since we had left Cheyenne, he was still the same old jolly Vic! My heart sank when I heard of Vic’s passing from Dave. Fly high Victor and I am certain Dougie met you at the Pearly Gates with a big welcome “La”! RIP my dear friend!

    Blessings to Vic’s family, but they can be assured he was a great friend to many and loved as well!

    • Thank you for your beautiful words! Knowing that Vic was loved and had such great friends has been a real comfort!

        • Uncle Vic loved food. Lots of food , glorious food. He sure did have a great big Appetite. Thank you so much for your kind words and for feeding him as well. I’m sure Uncle and doug are Laughing it out, in heaven. He will be greatly missed. Thank you for your kind words.

          • You are welcome, Julie. We fed him and he loved every bite! There is no doubt in my mind that Vic and Doug are giving it all they have and the two of them together will be the laughter Heaven is hearing! “La” and “Ling” was a standing vocabulary with Vic, Mark, Doug and Dave. They were quite the crew and I was usually the only female around with these “nuts”, but I loved every minute of it! I got your address from Dave and Bill Willett and I sent out a card and a couple pictures from long ago to you. I hope you enjoy them and hold them dear!
            “Rejoice in the Memories”

  11. To a guy that was very very nice to everyone no matter what kind of person he or she was he always treated everyone with respect and he always had a crazy joke to tell us he loved music liked to drink that dark beer I new him through mark donkey in 1989 been friends since wish I could have seen him I wish best for family and friends we will always remember him Jody carder


  13. I met Victor,. 1 time, thru my friend Mark Donley, and I knew, then and there, what great person he was. Sorry he left so soon.

  14. The 1st time I met Victor was with my Brother and I in 1985, he became so close to us, it was like he was the Brother we never had. He was kind, loving, caring and personable, always there to help out or lend a hand when you needed it. I was lucky enough to live with him on a few occasions, everyone who ever met him really enjoyed being with him, he could make you with a smile or a joke, he had a great laugh himself. I can’t tell you how many times he would dedicate songs to all of his friends over the Radio, by being a Disc Jockey on the air. He loved his work and continued DJing for 40 years, in his case, Video did not kill the Radio star. I was able to enjoy many sporting events and concert’s with him, including behind home plate seat’s at the Rockies games. I am so glad my friends and I were able to visit with him in Pueblo, to take him out to visit his parents at their final resting place. We enjoyed many meals together, and even got him out to Bishop Castle, for his 1st time. He will be dearly missed by everyone who knew him, now you can rest in peace and visit with all your loved ones who left us before you did. My condolences to all his Family and friends. I love you Bro and am looking forward to seeing you again at the Pearly Gates!! BFF..

  15. Vic & I met in Greeley radio early ’82 and worked together at several places, remaining close friends over all the years. Vic could always make others laugh and feel comfortable. My wife Robin and I loved him dearly and the last few years we’d drive from Denver to Pueblo to have lunch with Vic & visit Royal Gorge and Pueblo West Reservoir. Love you, Vic!!

    • Thank you for being such a great friend to my brother Vic! Because he spoke of his friends often, I knew you were special to him! So very grateful you were there for him!

  16. CandleImageMy heart hurts at the thought of you being gone. I am all the more grateful for the time we had this past visit! Thank you for the “unconditional love “ you showed me even in the beginning. You will be missed. I love you. Till we meet again

  17. CandleImageEvery now and then, my brother, Vic, would tease me and make funny noises with his mouth like a vampire, known as Barnabus from the soap opera “Dark Shadows”. I really liked it (not really)-I couldn’t stand it. That’s what brothers are for!!! He will be missed tremendously!

  18. What huge loss for the world. I grew up next door on East Side of Pueblo. What Great a friend and person. Chip Updegraff ( 1911 E. 7th) now lives in New Mexico

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