Thomas Kent 'Tom' Reichert, 57, passed on unexpectedly at home on December 26, 2006. Tom was a loving son, husband, father and grandfather-to-be. As a physician for 31 years, he served his patients with care and compassion and was a highly respected member of the medical and general community. He will be remembered most for the selfless and unending love he gave his wife of 31 years, Chris, and his children Bryan, Brent, and Brent's wife Kelly. He was also the devoted son of Ruby Reichert and was preceded in death by his father, Herman J. Reichert. His half-brother Alan Reichert also survives him. Tom's extended family and many friends will celebrate his life at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, December 30, 2006, at First United Methodist Church, 310 West 11th Street, with Pastor Rick Calhoun officiating. All are welcome to attend. In lieu of flowers or food, we respectfully request that you donate in his name to First United Methodist Church, the Parkview Foundation, or the charity of your choice through Montgomery & Steward Funeral Directors, 1317 N. Main St., Pueblo, Colo. 81003. Online condolences,

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  1. Tom was my cousin and I was lucky enough to grow up with him. I got to experience his wit and wisdom from a young age. We spent many happy days with our cousins riding horses and playing on Grandpa\\\’s farm near Brush CO. He is a 3rd generation Colorado native. Growing up in the small town of Sterling, his mother Ruby, made sure he played in many sports and the band in addition to him being valedictorian of his class. He received a Boettcher Scholarship and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Colorado College. We were thrilled when He & Chris chose Pueblo to practice medicine in over 31 years ago, out of all the cities they could have picked. He always invited us to his house for holiday dinners. We enjoyed ski trips together, and he taught me the hockey rules and strategy when we went to CC Tiger Hockey games. He encouraged my wife and I to adopt the baby of a patient of his, which we did. He also delivered her, of course. I will always remember his smile and his positive attitude and words of encouragement, even when things were not going well. He always had something very insightful and well thought out to say to me when I brought up a problem. I looked forward to many more years of friendship with him. I can\\\’t believe he is gone, but I am thankful for the time I had with him. Chris, you have been a great wife for Tom. I could always tell that he greatly appreciated being married to you. He did not want or expect to leave you this soon. You are a very strong woman however, and you have a large support group of friends and family that will help you now and in the future. Bryan & Brent, you had a great father. He always wanted to see you succeed and do your best. He always spoke very highly to me about both of you and he had great hopes for you. You repayed him by making him very proud of you. You were a big reason why he smiled. I sincerely wish that your lives and your families will continue to be blessed by Tom\\\’s inspiration and the example he set for you.

  2. Our prayers are flowing for you, Chris, and for Bryan, Brent, and their special ones, and for all the rest of your family. Our prayers are also filled with gratitude for the gift of Tom\\\’s life and his positive impact on so many. We join the multitude of your friends who are shocked by his death, but we are confident that with each breath he took, life was joyous and purposeful. We remember many special moments together, most when we enjoyed life with you in Pueblo. While it\\\’s not possible to know all the lives touched by him, Tom was an amazing spirit and an instrument of God\\\’s love and care in so many ways. We join you in your grief, but also in your gratitude for his life.

  3. Tom has been my neighbor, physician, confidant and dear, dear friend for 30 years, and my heart is aching.

    Earlier this week after Chris called, Ann and I spent the evening in quiet sadness, and that sadness remains, but we also began to reminisce.
    And for whatever reason, the one image that somehow we both retained strongly was watching Tom mow the lawn dressed in shorts and cowboy boots. That was Tom. A man who had a very clear perspective on what is important and what is not. Fashion was not important, although he did make one fashion statement in the form of the often present Mickey Mouse tie and watch, and from time to time occasional Mickey Mouse pin-on paraphernalia.
    Things that were important to Tom, were, family above all, and friends and acquaintances, and any human being – particularly those hurting or in need. I’ve never known a man with such knee jerk generosity and human compassion. To help another was as natural to Tom as pulling his hand out of a fire. What a natural fit for him to be a family practice physician. In that role I know he accumulated an impressive string of accolades and accomplishments. In his innate humility, he was reluctant to discuss such, these simply accumulated because he was so good at what he did and loved doing it.

    We can talk about integrity also. It was easy for Tom to be honest. It simply never occurred to him to be anything else. I know that on some occasions he paid a price for that integrity. Tom would never, could never waiver.

    Over 30 years there is a ton of memories, and we will relive them over time, and with that time, the pain will give way to happy memories that will bring a special warmth and comfort, and a lot of laughs. Tom would want it this way. Especially the laughs. Tom loved to laugh. He could laugh at himself as quickly as anything. That this comfort will come soon to replace the hurt is my hope for Chris and Ruby, Brian ,Brent , Kelly , Baby Reichert and Leslie. I’m sure you know how incredibly proud he was of you all.

    Given the true measure of a man, Love, compassion, integrity, responsibility, generosity, I know that Tom is eminently prepared to stand before his God, and that makes me wonder that rather than pray for Tom, does it perhaps make some sense to pray to him.

    Good bye my friend.

  4. Dr. Reichert was the epitome of family doctors, one who my current MD\\\’s never quite measure up to. As a classmate of Bryan and Brent, I have memories of the good doctor through much of my young life. My deepest condolences to the whole family.

    I was touched by the article written in the Chieftain and the beautiful comments made by Mrs. Reichert and her sons. You have an amazing family!

    Alexis (Tappen) Merrill

  5. Reichert Family,
    Our thoughts are with you all during this difficult time. We have such fond memories of Uncle Tom; he had an incredibly warm and welcoming spirit for all who came into his life and home. He was an uncle to us, but moreover, a friend to everyone. With his generous and kind way, he brought smiles and laughter to an ordinary day. Great affection poured from him in random moments, when it was most appreciated. In general, he had an enthusiasm for life that rubbed off on his family and friends. He was a great uncle, a wonderful father, and loving husband. He will be greatly missed, but may he always be in our hearts.

  6. We are so saddened by this tragic and sudden loss to you, Chris, and family, but also to the entire community. I know that Lou Ann and Dave deeply feel this loss as the four of you, along with Jacob and Jenna and your two sons, were so close. Gary and I will remember seeing and talking with the two of you at Jacob and Alison\\\’s wedding last May. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
    With sincere regards,
    Ann and Gary Kochenberger

  7. Dear Chris,

    I am so sorry to hear about your husband. He was a fantastic physician. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


  9. Tom was my Brother-In-Law, and I could not have asked for a better person to marry my sister Chris and become a member of our family.

    Tom made sure that our family became one with his family and in particular, was very kind, patient, & compassionate to Chris’s & my mother, Eleanor.

    He was a fabulous son, husband, father, and doctor. Tom loved life & people.

    Many times while visiting him, Tom may have been tired from being on call, but as soon as that phone rang, he would obtain his 2nd wind and talk to that patient, and spend as much time as necessary to advise that patient on what should be done.

    The most recent time we spent with Tom & Chris was at the 2005 Colorado State Fair. Tom was having fun @ the fair, but also saying hi….or being sought out by people…coming up to him… say hi. Tom loved his family, patients & friends.

    Tom was a good person, and we will all miss him.

    Jim Pacholski

  10. Chris,Brian,Brent,Kelly,Ruby and the rest of Dr.Reicherts loving family I want to express my sincere sympathy. I am still in a state of shock. In all the years I have been employed (30 of them in So.Calif) I have never meet anyone that could compare to Dr. Reichert. He treated us like family and as individuals helped us through may of our own medical and family problems always encouraging and advising and saying,you will get through this, just hang in there. He made time for everyone and everything and believe me there were MANY. He always took time to talk to drug reps and when I would tell him he did not have time, his reply was..they have a job to do and that is part of their job, so he would talk with them. He fasinated me with his computer knowledge and always wanted the latest equipment. He wanted a paperless office and believe me, he was well on his way…there was no stopping him even though we had 2 major set-backs. He would pick up the pieces and keep plugging along, saying this CAN BE DONE. The nurse would tell him Dr.R,I cannot do anymore computer stuff, and he would just grin and say sure you can I will help you, and he did and she is using more computer stuff. Recently with his help our software support was able to get the OB flow sheets printing off the EMR system. He wanted the office to be up to date, in case Brian decided to go into practice with him. He loved people and his community and always wanted to patronize new businesses. What always brings a smile to my face is when I would schedule a staff meeting and ask him what he wanted for lunch. He would say….lets go out, and though he never drank, we hit the sports bars, like Buffalo Hot Wings, Shamrock Inn, Mulligans and even the Cock & Bull,we never accomplished much at these meetings. He had a wonderful sense of humor too.I loved working for him and with him. I thank God for giving me the opportunity to be part of his office staff and I will continue to do everything I can to help in the office till all decisions are made. I will miss him, but never never forget him. He will always be in my heart and in my prayers. As I write this, I feel his hand on my shoulder, telling me everything will be okay, like he always did…

  11. Chris, Terry and I extend our sincere condolences to you and your family. May God give you comfort and surround you with his peace. Blessings. Terry and Linda Hawkins

  12. To Dr. Reichert\\\’s family,

    Please accept my sincere and deepest sympathy. Dr. Reichert was our family doctor for the past 25 years and I was extremely saddened to hear of his death.

    He was one of the kindest persons I have ever known. His gentle manner with his patients was evident and he was patient with all even when his clients were at their worst. Dr. Reichert always knew what to do to help people and if he didn\\\’t, he would not hesitate to ask for help.

    I, for one, will surely miss this gentle, kind man for all of the good he has done for me and for my family.

    You were truly blessed to have him for your husband, father, and family member and friend.

    Sincerely, Stella Cadena

  13. Chris and family,
    We sen you our heartfelt sympathy and want you to know that we will remember Tom in our prayers. We will enter his name in our book of intenentions at church today. Gil and Tine.

  14. Dear Chris, We are saddened by the sudden loss of your dear husband. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers. With deepest sympathy, Tressa & Michael

  15. Dr. Reichert was our doctor for nearly 30 years.He helped us thru many an illness over these past years,one as recently as this past October.We knew we could always count on him to be there for us and it seemed he always had the answer.We will miss him and his thoughtful,caring ways.

  16. Dear Chris and Family,
    I have thought about you often since reading the notice of Tom\\\’s death. I am so sorry for your loss. Take good care of each other. Fondly, Mona Askwig

  17. To the family and staff of Dr. Reichert:

    Dr. Reichert has been our family physician for over 20 years. He was always compassionate and professional. He was so easy to talk to and we also considered him a good friend. We will miss him.

  18. To the Family and Staff of Dr. Reichert; We are so sorry for your loss. He was a very special man and a gifted physician. He delivered our son, and then a few years later saved his life. He treated his patients with respect, always taking time to explain things, and really listening. He was always there for us – once meeting us at his office in his hockey gear haveing been in the middle of a game when he got the call. He gave so much to so many. Thank you all for sharing him with those of us who were blessed to have him as our doctor. He will be missed.

  19. Chris, Brain, Brent and Ruby:
    We are so sorry that we will not be able to be there today for Tom\\\’s service. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  20. I am so sorry for your loss.As a patient of Dr. Reichert I will miss him a great deal. I was one of his earliest when he first came here. He was a good doctor and a good friend. I will keep your family in my thoughts. With my sympathy – Edyth Evans

  21. Ruby, Chris, Brian, Brent

    So sorry to learn of your loss. It was quite a shock when Marilyn called that night. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. Due to the weather we will be unable to attend the memorial, but Ruby we will be down to see you in a couple of weeks. Tom was your life and I know how much you will miss him. God bless.


  22. Auntie Chris, Bryan, Brent, Kelly- We are so very sorry for your loss. It is such a shock and is still hard to believe. He loved you all so much. My memories of Uncle Tom will always be his affectionate manner. I remember him hanging us upside down by our feet when we were little and twirling us around. There was always a bear hug or shoulder squeeze when he was nearby. He was a quiet man with love just bursting out from him and he was never afraid to show it. You can bet that the new baby will have a constant pair of angel wings surrounding it- a Grandpa Angel is a very special angel to have! We love all of you so very much and pray you will have the strength to endure this very hard time.
    With love,
    Lora, Mohammed, Serene, Zade

  23. My heart is so heavy for you all, especially Chris, Bryan, my right hand man, and Brent.

    This quote has been helpful to me:

    When you come to the edge of all that you know, you must believe in one of two things — either there will be earth upon which to stand, or you will be given wings.

    With delightful memories, Caroline Comi

  24. Uncle Tom,
    I miss you. I remember when you used to call me and Callie Silly Billy\\\’s. I hope you have a nice time in Heaven. We all miss you very much. Love, Serene

  25. The Blakeslee family extends our sorrow for your loss. Tom was a wonderful man and a credit to his country and community. We know he gave a great deal of comfort and help to his patients. He will be missed greatly by all who knew him.

    We are sorry we couldn\\\’t make it to the funeral because of the weather. Our love and prayers go out to his family, Aunt Ruby, Chris, Bryan, Brent and Kelly. May God bless all of you in this time of sorrow.

  26. My heart goes out to all Dr. Reicherts family god bless you all. by reading He was a very great person.

  27. Dear Reichert Family,
    It is our wish to send condolences to you and celebrate with you the life of Dr. Thomas Reichert, he was our family physican for several years and we thought so much of him and felt as if he were a member of our family. We want you to know that he was so kind and caring towards everyone he treated and was always there for them in need. He saved our lives many a time and helped us out of terrible situations! He brought many a smile and joy to all of us when times were so difficult and always went the extra mile, He talked of all of you with much love and pride when we asked how you all were doing, his smile would radiate! He will be missed by many and I pray God will bring you peace and joy until we all see him again. We appreciate the sacrifice that you all made during his practice that he could come and care for us in our time of need also, your sacrifice of time did not go without notice by us or by the Lord, Nor did Dr. Thomas Reichert\\\’s, we are all grateful for him and the Lord for blessing our lives with his care, he will be missed by us and so many.
    Mark Franson and Family

  28. dear tom,
    I miss you. you have been my friend, my mentor,my partner for 18 years. you helped me thru many of my situations. i would have never made it without your support and guidence. i have shed tears twice in my life, this is the second time. i miss you very much, and thank god that he has you with him.

  29. Chris, I am so saddened by Tom\\\’s death. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. He will be missed and remembered,not only by each member of my own family but by all of those that he did so much to help for so many years.

  30. To the Family of Dr. Reichert: We are sadden to hear of your lose and our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. He was a wonderful person and a thoughtful and caring physician who will be missed by the medical community.

    Board of Director, Staff and Members of the Pueblo County Medical Society

  31. Dearest Chris & Family, I was very saddened to hear of the sudden passing of your beloved husband & father. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

  32. Dr. Riechert has been our doctor since the 1980\\\’s. We were referred to him by Dr. Rob Hamilton. He took care of us and our children until after they were grown and moved away. When my mother came to live with me, he helped us deal with the horror of Alheimers until her death in 2000. James and I considered him a friend and a member of our family as well as our doctor. He has helped us through good and bad times and we will miss him and his wonderful personality terribly. Our sincere sympathy to his family and staff.

  33. To the family, Words can not describe the loss of such a wonderful person. I met Doc 26 years ago when I shared a room with Chris when she had her son and I had my son. He then became my doctor, my children then my grandchildren\\\’s doctor. He was more then my doctor but a wonderful compassionate friend. It was always such a comfort to know I could call and he would answer any questions I had. At times even calling at home later too make sure there were no problems with new meds or procedures. my family has spent the last few days sharing memories and talking about our favorite ties or socks he would wear. To his family thank-you for sharing such a wonderful man with all of us. Our hearts are breaking but we send many prayers to the family and his co-workers. Tina Montour & family

  34. Our Prayers are with the family . Dr Reichert was a very loving man, he delivered my three older daughters and was their Dr. for many years he was always kind and compationate even if you were in his office for some silly reason, just being a first time mom, or well just overbearing but always gave you comfort with a sweet little story of how he and his wife would care for the boys. Family was his first and most prescious and he always made you feel as though you were part of it, and knew who you were when you saw him out of the office. We will always treasure the time we had with him he was a very special man we love him dearly and will miss him much . May god be with you all the Ferry family\\\’s deepest sympathy God Bless you all

  35. Dr Reichert was out family dr for many years.he was a caring , compassionate dr. & friend, he will be missed.

  36. Bryan and family my prayers and thoughts are with your family. There are many wonderful memories of different soccer adventures we had. The first time I used a cell phone was when we were coming back from a soccer game and Tom told me to call my mom to tell her were we were at.

  37. As Dr. Reichert\\\’s patient for a couple decades, I am saddened by his death. He will be remembered for his compassion and caring.Please accept my sincere condolences.Your family will remain in my thoughts.Sincerely,Ellen Tomoser

  38. I am very sorry for your loss. Everyone that knew Dr. Reichert knows what a great person he was. I work for Dr. Ramos so I had the opprotunity to also work with Dr. Reichert, he was a fun and loving person. We definately miss him around the office, he would always ask us how our day was going and joke around a little. I will miss seeing him in his Halloween costumes dressed as Mickey Mouse or Winnie the Pooh. He was my doctor and my husbands too and we got to see what a great doctor he was, he helped us out alot. \\\Thanks again Doc\\\””

  39. Dear Bryan, Brent, Chris and family,
    I am so sorry about your loss of Tom. I know he was a great guy to have produced two such kind and outstanding sons. My thoughts are with you.
    Love, Sally Pappas

  40. To the family of Dr. Reichert

    I am currently visiting my sister in Louisiana and was called by my son Michael informing me of Dr. Reichert\\\’s passing. I am still in disbelief that he could be taken so suddenly. He has been our family doctor for many years and delivered my big boy (10 lb. 11 1/2 oz) over thirteen years ago. We are all saddened by this news and would like you to know that he was a great man and will be sadly missed. May God bless you all and give you the strength you need at such a difficult time. He will be greatly missed.

  41. Chris and Brian,

    We would like to express our deepest sympathy.

    We have fond memories of Tom running up and down the sidelines of the soccer field cheering the boys Ranger team. We had nice times after the games visiting with you at meals. We remember one long trip to Grand Junction with Tom and several of the boys in our van…just for a soccer game.

    It was nice seeing you at Frisco and the CU alumni/auction dinner.

    So sorry for your loss.

    Dennis and Judy Diaz

  42. To the Reichert family, our heart goes out to you all. Tom has been our family doctor for 28 years. He help me through my premature delivery of my daughter Lacey 23 years ago and we named our son Andrew Thomas after him 20 years ago.I knew if he was running late it was because he was taking just as much time with others as he did with my family. He would always tickle the kids or have on his Mickey Mouse tie.We would talk about hockey and our kids. We know we have lost a great man and a friend. He will be missed greatly! Jill, Rick, Lacey Andrew and Taylor Brake

  43. Dr. Reichert was my (Catherine Clark) physician for many years and was always caring and patient. As a Physician Assistant and during my husband\\\’s residency in Pueblo, we learned from Tom and will never forget his kindness.
    Dr. And Mrs. Brad Smith

  44. Bryan and Family,
    We are so sorry to hear about the passing of your father. He sounds like an amazing person, and his spirit will always remain a part of your lives. You are in our prayers during this difficult time.

  45. Chris, we are so very sorry to hear of the sudden passing of your loving husband. You are in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult time.

  46. I have not seen Dr. Reichert in many years, but still remember and WILL always remember him for his kind heart. He was my doc for about 12 years and he would have definitely continued being my doc had I not moved out of state. He was such a GREAT person to my family Gary, Judy, Suzanna, Barbara and Tommy Long who he has seen for over 20 years and they truly loved him as I know so many others did! Dr. Reichert can never be replaced for the kind of person he was, compassionate and sincere, a trait that now so many doctors lack. I have yet to find a doctor as caring as him. I don\\\’t think I ever will. I extend my sympathy to all the family and friends who lost such a terrific man.

  47. To my Family-
    Looking at his picture, I still cannot comprehend the fact that I will not see my Uncle Tom again. He was such a loving and caring person and never held back those feelings. We could always expect those big bearhug attacks and tickling when around him – no matter how old we got! We are truly lucky to have had such a wonderful person in our life. My heart aches for you all, but I know the love of our family can get us through. I love you all so much. Im so sorry we couldnt make it out for the service, but we will be out there soon.

  48. Dearest Reichert Family,
    You do not know me, but I began going to Dr. Reichert when I was pregnant with my daughter in November of 2003. I knew from my first visit with him that I made a great choice! I looked forward to my visits with him, not just because he was a great doctor, but because I couldn\\\’t wait to see what kind of tie he was wearing!! My daughter Kooper, who is now 2 1/2 was also very fond of Dr. Reichert, (which is uncommon for young children and their doctors), but everytime we went to see him he would pick her up and twirl her around before kissing her cheek and tickling her tummy, this warmed my heart everytime I saw it and knew that I was extrememly priviledged to have this compassionate, caring man as my Doctor. I just want you to know that he affected mine and my daughters live\\\’s in a way that will forever be remembered. Please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss and know that you all are in my prayers.

  49. When i found out about his passing away i didn\\\’t want to believe it was true. but when i read it in the paper my stomach got a knot in it.He was my doctor since i was born which is 23 years and he also delivered my son. We just didn\\\’t lose the best doctor in the world but also a good friend and i know i will never find another doctor like him for as long as i live. I am very sorry for the loss of your husband,father and granpa to be i know he will be sadly miss by you and all of the peoples life he impacted.once again sorry for your loss and may god help you through this time of loss. I am truely going to miss him

    Tommy,Kim And T.J. Long

  50. Dr. Reichert will be sadly missed by our entire family. Tom was the only doctor our two children, Bryanna and Brenden, have ever visited after he delivered them. They grew to love his kind bedside manner and his obvious love and care for his patients. We will miss you.

  51. Dear Chris & Family,
    We were so sorry to hear of your loss. Dr. Reichert holds a special place in our hearts as our family Doc. Please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    The Waller Family

  52. Dear Mrs. Reichert, Bryan and Brent,
    I am so sorry read of your loss. Teaching Bryan and Brent was one of my fondest memories at East High. Please know you are in my heart and prayers.
    John Kogovsek

  53. To the Reichert Family
    We learned of the passing of Tom Reichert reading The Chieftain on line and we want to send you our deepest sympathy.
    We know that this is all a part of life but this doesn\\\’t mean that losing a loved one is ever easy. We know you have many fond memories. May God bless and strengthen you through this sad time.
    Adah and Harvey Phelps

  54. Dear Chris and Family:

    I was shocked to hear the news that my friend and Physician of 26yrs has passed on. He was the best Doctor that I ever had, he was kind, considerate, and listened to what you had to say. I just had a visit last Month and was due again now in January. I have you and your family, and staff in my prayers.

    Imelda Valdez LPN

  55. Dr. Reichert has been our doctor for over 25 years and we will miss him deeply. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and staff. Our deepest sympathy, Coop, Donna, Marcus and Jacob Lira

  56. Dear Chris, Bryan, Brent, and Kelly:
    I am so sorry to hear about your loss this morning. Your family are in my prayers and thoughts. I only met Tom a couple of times in high school, but knew his influence on his family was amazing and very obvious. I know God\\\’s Grace will provide you all with love and comfort during this very difficult time. From my family to yours, again I am very sorry.

  57. Dear Chris, Bryan,Brent and Kelly, I am so sorry that I cannot be there but I am praying that God gives you all the strength to bear this. I loved Uncle Tom-he was always such a nice, gentle and caring man. I loved to see him around kids-you could tell how much he enjoyed them. We have some very fond memories of Tom. I think he was an exceptional son-in-law. He was always so caring to Grandma.I love you all and we will be there in the next month to visit and relive our good times that we shared. God must have thought that Tom took such good care of so many people that he would make his death very easy for him.I know how hard this is for you all. I love you, Donna

  58. Dr. Reichert will be missed dearly by all the staff here at Executive Services Telephone Answering Service.

  59. Our deepest heartfelt condelensces go out to you and your family. We will deeply miss Dr. Reichert as he was my doctor for nearly 20 years and our family physician for the past 9 years. There is no other doctor out there that will be trusted and liked as that of Dr. Reichert. He was one of a kind, we liked to call him the BEST Doctor we knew! We will keep your family in our prayers!

  60. Please accept our sincere and deepest sympathy in the passing of Dr. Reichert. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  61. Chris, I was shocked. I can\\\’t imagine how you are feeling. But I do know you have a strong family. Tom was a great, kind man and a good friend. Judy and I are thinking of you.

  62. To the family of Dr. Reichert:
    My husband an I were very sad to learn of the passing of our friend and physician. He was a very caring person and was very concerned about us as his patients.
    During one of our visits to the office we learned of him liking Mickey Mouse I really liked to look at his clock he had in the office
    everytime I went to the doctors.
    My husband and he talked about how
    they had the disney character in common with each other.
    We will miss him!! May the Lord be
    with you all his family!!

  63. Chris and Family,
    So very sorry to hear of your loss. I very much enjoyed having Tom as a friend and hockey team mate over the years. I will miss his gregarious personality and perpetual smile.
    Bill Voytek


  65. Our hearts breaks for you and your family. You have been our Doctor for so many years. You have always taking the time for myself and my family. We will miss you greatly.
    Gary and Judy Long & family
    December 28, 2006

  66. Our Deepest, heartfelt condolences to you and your family. We feel like we have lost, not only our Doctor of 28 years, but a dear, dear friend. You are and will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

  67. Dear Reichert Family,
    I have been with Dr. Reichert for over 30 years as my Dr. and my husband for over 20 years. He was the best Dr. and he will be missed!!! He was so caring and understanding–it will be hard be to find another Dr. Although we found out very late–and were unable be there–we are so sorry and he will be missed.
    Don and Nancy Drummond
    Feb. 11, 2007

  68. Dear Chris, Brent, and Brian,
    I was so sad to hear of your loss. I remember being Brent’s 3rd grade teacher and your family being one of my favorite. You were all so fun, full of life, and the image of “The All American Family.” May God be good to all of you in this time of sorrow. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.
    Freda Espinoza-Talleur (Ms. T but formerly known as Ms. E)
    Ramstein, Germany

  69. To the Family of Dr. Reichert: We were very saddened to hear of your loss and our thoughts are with you at this time. We consider it a privilege to have known and worked with him. He will be sorely missed.

  70. To the entire Reichert Family:

    Dr. Tom became our family doctor shortly after he opened his practice and was still our family doctor when he passed. In fact, I had just seen him with a minor back issue.
    Initially, I wasn’t sure about our new doctor, he seemed difficult to talk to…but he grew on me. Each of our two sons are about a year younger than Bryan and Brent. Every time I had a need to see Dr. Tom, we would talk about our sons, the sports they were in to, Boy Scouting and the various pains and experiences of just growing up.

    Besides being our family doctor for all these years, Laura also had a professional relationship with Dr. Tom, as she works in the newborn nursery at Parkview Medical Center. He was a personal favorite of her’s and I know he’ll be missed on 5-South.

    Our deepest sympathies to all of you…thanks, Dr. Tom.

    Dennis & Laura Fitzsimmons

  71. Dr. Reichert was the best doctor (and the only doctor) i have ever had.I know he was the best by comparing him to others and he was better. He was a hard worker and a good person and my life was better by meeting him.
    Signed Nicholas Harbour, his patient.

  72. To the family of our friend Dr. Tom Reichert;
    Tom was our family doctor for the past fifteen years. He was also a good friend. He was far and away the very best physician we have ever had and we would trust no one else with the health of our two children who grew up in his care.
    Our prayers are with you and Tom as he resides in Heaven. Let us know if we can ever be of service to your family.
    Rick, Cheri, Amber & Patrick Haling.

  73. Dear Ruby, Chris, and family…
    We are so very sorry to hear about Tom.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you.
    Sharon & Jim

  74. My deepest condolences go out to Bryan and the entire Reichert family. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain that you must be feeling at your sudden loss. My God be with you in your time of sorrow and may time begin to heal your pain.

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