Scott Garrison

scott garrison

January 14, 1952 ~ October 10, 2012

Resided in: Colorado City, CO

Scott Garrison of Colorado City passed on 10/10/12. R. Scott Garrison, 60, of Colorado City, passed early Wednesday morning, 10/10/2012. Scott was born to Walt and Mildred Garrison, Jan. 14, 1952, in Harvey, IL. He married Vickie Wilson in 1999, and they lived together in Colorado City, CO. Scott was a master carpenter. He has built several beautiful homes in Colorado City. Scott and Vickie own Viktorios Pizzeria, which was Scott's pride and joy. He spent every morning there working and patronizing and entertaining the customers. Scott is survived by five children: Heather and Jason Plunkett, of Texas, Jamie Goldberg, Denver, Kacie and Jason Anglin, Colorado City, Tasha Goldberg, Colorado City, and Michael Goldberg, Denver. He also is survived by 14 grandchildren. There will be a celebration of his life at Viktorios Pizzera on Bent Brothers Blvd., in Colorado City, Monday at 5:00 p.m. Online condolences, www.montgomerystewardcom.

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  1. CandleImageI am glad I found this obituary page for my friend and mentor Scott. I miss the old days with Scott and Vickie at Viktorios where we would work hard and have a good time. Scott taught me a lot. He taught me how to play pool. I think of him every time I play. He taught me that I can only really have as many real close friends as I can count on one hand, and it’s proved true. He always told me that safety comes first in a job, then quality, and lastly fun. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. He saved me and my brother and friends lives once by dumping out half of a huge bottle of vodka because he knew it was too much for us and we were still young and dumb and prone to do stupid stuff. I miss you Scott, my dear friend. I look forward to seeing you again soon, because I know this life passes us by like a vapor. Love you Vickie.

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  3. I did not know Scott personally, my family and I ate at Viktorio’s several times and Scott always made us feel welcome. He treated my two boys like they were his own grandkids, they loved getting the oranges and cherries on the little swords! It will not be the same going in to eat without him. Mrs. Vicky I am sorry for uour loss, your husband was a great man….. even to strangers! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Krissie Aldretti

  4. Scott, We go back a long time. I love you like crazy man. Rest in peace my friend. I”m going to miss you. Greg

  5. Scott, Sorry we couldn’t tag up at Harvey Daze. Tell my bro Roger Hambric that we’ll ride someday too, when my day comes. R.I.P. my friend….

  6. His hugs, his handshakes, his smiles and ice cream for little ones, his love for his wife and family. We were blessed to have known him. Love and blessings to you all. You will be missed soo much.

  7. Scott was always kind to me, he treated me good, and was fair. Always hard at work, and he was always ready for anything. Thank-you for your advice, and friendship.

  8. Scott,
    What can I say, other than you will be missed by many. Thank You for being YOU!! I will miss my Blues Brother, listening to BB King at Vick’s won’t be the same without you. Vickie, you and your family are in our prayers and thoughts. God Bless you all… Cyndy

  9. Scott I will not say good bye just God Speed, I truly beleive we will play pool again some day, you always had good advise when i needed it most you will be missed my friend!!! Vicki and Family, Dakota and myself are praying for you in your time of loss but remember he is never truly gone as long as he is in our hearts and minds. God Bless you and your family…

  10. Thank you for being apart of our lives. Being our friend. It’s all about how many lives you touch while your here, & Scott you touch a whole lot of them! My family would be some of those lives. Not only did you befriend Joe but his whole slew of girls, & then here came the grand babies. You and vickie instantly made us feel like family.You loved us and where there for us thru the good and the bad. There was plenty of both. You looked out for our girls and treated them as your own. You were there for joe when he needed a beer and an ear, “Mostly an ear”. My husband loves you very much Scott, we all do! You are greatly missed my friend! Vickie you are in our daily prayers. There really aren’t words to tell you how sorry I am. Please know you are greatly loved and lifted up.

  11. I don’t know the family personally, but I read the Greenhorn Valley View and the Pueblo Chieftain, and I used to live in Colo. City and Rye. I am so sorry this happened, and I offer all my condolences and prayers for comfort to the family. Teri Darcy

  12. Vicki and family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. May your find comfort in each other and in Christ, “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted. He recues those whose spirits are crushed.” Psalm 34:18

  13. My dear friend,
    I will honor my promise to you always and forever to watch over the love of your life. Thank you Willy; you were blessed with an innate god given ability to make every one feel wonderful, happy and content to be themselves. I have witnessed strangers entering Viks, become fast and loyal friends and customers..because of you. As you always told me, ” watch me make this whole room smile!” simply by making each and every child you ever met smile.

    i want to thank you for sending me the “God pennies”, which I am finding in the oddest places, but after the floor is mopped I toss and watch them roll and come to a rest; waiting for some child person to find. The last few days while wiping tables and turning on the lights, crushing ice and just generally getting ready for a new day;(without joy and the enthusiasm you brought each morning) …I watched “our show”, The Price is Right…you always bid and beat me..winning the Showcase Showdown. Thank you for ringing the inoperative door bell and turning off the ice machine; I know I silently asked for a small sign; and you were kind enough, as usual, to provide one.

    . Scottie, you would be so proud of Vicki and your kids. They are determined to honor all that you provided them and the wonderful life you made for them. We will do our best to carry on and take care of those you would have given your life for.

    I’ll make a deal with you….I will make you a special, if you will teach me the 4 ball pool shot trick. You are the Jack…and the King.

    I love and miss you my friend, JB

  14. You were the best Dad a girl could ask for thank you for all that you have tought me for all te laughs you have shared withe for
    All the love you gave me and your grand babies I love you and I miss you

  15. Scott I don’t have the words
    You have been a major part of my familys lifes.
    You were a best friend to my dad you were there for me and my babies at our lowest point I can not thank you enough for your kindness and faith in me and my family.
    I love you and I miss you!
    Vicky I love you and if you need anything I am here.

  16. It will take a long time to sink in that Scott won’t be there to say hello with that
    great smile. He will be greatly missed.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to your and your family, Vickie
    Dennis and Sandy Roybal

  17. Scott was my cousin-my dad’s brother’s son. He regarded my parents as his grandparents since his grandmother lived in California. During our childhood we spent time together on vacations, picnics, family celebrations. Scotty, as he was called, was a sweet, caring, but mischievous child who tease his sister, Paula, and brother, Jim, constantly. He had a sweet tooth! The only effective discipline was taking away his dessert. As we grow older, we grow apart, but the love remains. Scott left an imprint on my heart forever.

  18. Scott was always a caring person, he would do anything for anyone.I had the oppertunity to spend time with him building two house’s so I know his work It was always very well done . And also spending time with him at Viktorios, while greeting the customers and making the children smile with the oranges and cherries. Scott was a great person and will be missed by many. Thanks for all the laughs and the great times. You will be missed!!!

  19. We will miss Scott terribly. It won’t be the same without him. Ya’ll have made some wonderful memories for the whole valley. We are so thankful for the times we had with you guys. I will keep you in my prayers. Love, Love, Love, Jeannie and Greg Pagnotta

  20. Vickie, you and your entire family are in our hearts and prayers ~ you know we are a phone call away if we can do anything for you. I leave for Illinois tomorrow morning, so will be with you in spirit celebrating Scott ! We get to see one of the houses he created and Jack’s remodel EVERY DAY, so it’s easy to think of him !

    With Love, Don and Wendie

  21. Saying goodbye to someone you love is impossible. I don’t think it can be done, Vickie. But in the days ahead that is what you will be asked to do, over and over. But I offer you this…each time a tear is shed, a kind word is offered, a hug exchanged, that is a HELLO to Scott’s energy. And I can see him beaming, feeling such love from all of you. So no goodbyes, okay?! Just hellos…to a man that taught us all what ‘real’ looked like. Hello, Scott!

  22. Thank you Scott for allowing Clif and me to be a part of your life…there were alot of things that I admired about you and wish I had told you; your special way of making people feel good about themselves and how your face would light up when you would tell people how much you loved Vickie and how proud of her you were..We miss you very much..Thanks for all the laughs and good times we shared! Clif and Anita

  23. I don’t really know what to say or where to begin Scott. You and Vickie have been like parents to me. Thank you for all the smiles and hugs. We would fight like crazy, but at the end of the day in our own way we would apologize and be just fine. I will always wear my white shades just for you, and every time I put them on I will remember you with a smile calling me your Hollywood! Thank you for being in my life and loving me like one of your own. I sure will miss you!!!

  24. This to my honey buns. Scott not a minute goes by without my heart aching and yearning for you. I wish this nightmare was over. I wish you were here sleeping next to me so that you could once again wake me up as cry hysterically in my sleep holding me and telling me I’m here Vickie. You saying over and over wake up Vickie you are having a nightmare.
    I shall hold on to your last embrace forever, because that’s what you promised me, forever. I’m pretty sure I would sell my soul right about now to feel your touch. I miss you HB. Thank you Scott for showing and teaching me so much in our 18 years together. You tried to teach me how to ride the roller coaster without a seat belt, but I couldn’t do it. I had to be the one to save you and everyone else. I never wanted anyone or anything to harm you. I wish I could have been half as brave as you.
    Scott you were such a powerfully proud man. Thank you for being a good Dad to our children. I hope they got it and if they didn’t I’m sure they will hear it when they have to make a choice.
    I was always the quiet one, as I sat back in awe of you and watched you entertain people. You have touched so many lives and that is one of the many reasons why I fell in love with you. I miss you Scott.
    I love you Scott with all my heart, body and soul forever and ever, until the end of time until the stars won’t shine anymore, your SugarPop, Vickie

    I Stood in the rain,
    confused and alone.
    Listening to his voice,
    saved on my phone.

    Remained motionless,
    weeping for hours.
    The beauty I lost,
    like late summer flowers.

    The rain subsided,
    but not my tears.
    Anger arrived,
    with countless more fears.

    To lose this angel,
    I did not deserve.
    For all of eternity,
    his touch shall serve.

    He was much more,
    than just my husband.
    He was my everything,
    he was my life.

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