Robert Steven Kottenstette

robert kottenstette

February 11, 1993 ~ September 20, 2017

Resided in: Pueblo, CO

Robert S. Kottenstette, 24, born Feb. 11, 1993, in Pueblo, passed away Sept. 20, 2017. Survived by his mother, Elizabeth Kottenstette; grandparents, Fred and Helen Kottenstette; great-grandmother, Rita Kottenstette; and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. Bobby enjoyed hiking, fishing, the Broncos and being with family. He will be deeply missed by those who loved him. Cremation, Montgomery & Steward Crematorium. A private celebration of Bobby's life will be held at a later date. Online condolences,

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  1. Thank you Liz. I am terribly sorry for your loss. Still can’t believe it to this day. May he dwell in the house of the lord forever. Heartbroken that he left us so soon. He was the brother that never had, and I will miss him all the days of my life until I too am called home. I hope that you can find some peace.

  2. It’s Bobby’s mom I just wanted to thank everyone for all there tears and cares for my son and that we barrier him at Roselawn cemetery on Feb 8 we are making payments on a stone and Ni�o Matt paid for his cremation he did everything so thank you uncle Matt Vicky Bobby loved you more than the earth and sky his Nick name is hawk and just so you know we had a beautiful celebration of life him hope you all pay your respects and honor his life because he literally gave his life to those he loved and he is the most beautiful son and the coolest kid if you ever really new him thanks for the flowers and thanks for stopping by thanks for trying to make it right .Kix you are Bobby’s brother and best friend and your alright with me stay cool!Thanks for being the cool uncle Chris just so you know I almost died myself and I did not sleep for 2 months and I do pray for Bobby everyday and his family. God bless


  4. Sorry posting was done before I was even done. No words are sufficient to ease the heartache of losing such a young life. Bobby was in my kindergarten class. He was a very sweet boy with an easy-going disposition. He moved with his own tempo and just had a way of “strolling” into the circle. I know his mother Beth and grandparents Fred and Helen loved him deeply. He wanted to visit his grandma one more time and didn’t make it. Now she has joined him and they can have lots of visits. May God be a source of comfort to your family in your grief.

  5. Our hearts and our prayers are with the entire family. May God give you all the peace and assurance of his continues care and love for you. We continually think of you and Bobby.

  6. Been such a while since we seen each other. Of course we didn’t leave each other in the best circumstances, therefore I hope you can forgive me. Your heart is so big your smiles so bright. Thinking of the hurt we caused each other ,was just a minor set back. Of course I may never get to apologize in person but I know you hear me when I say I’m sorry for the hurt I caused you.. I’m sorry that I won’t have a chance to make it right. And I know some way we ARE still connected. And I know I will continue to fight through whatever obstacles that come in my path because you taught me to be strong as well as so many other things. YOUR A FIGHTER ALWAYS WILL BE & That’s something I am proud to say I will carry on for you. We all face some bad in life. Some of us more than others but Bobby you knew how to keep a smile no matter what was happening. And that My Dearest♡ You Shall Live Forever In MY heart.
    ILoveYou. Miss you dearly

  7. Thank you. Its 7192146912. Maybe ive been calling the wrong number. Anytime liz. I will listen. You will always be family. And i agree. My nephew would want everyone to get along, people.

  8. Dear Chris Padilla- Liz wanted me to respond with this message
    she said thank you for your message but she has not gotten any calls on her phone from anyone. She says she is hurting very badly unable to sleep or eat and that she is not okay but that for Bobby she will try to be strong. And that she always had to be a strong person because Bobby had a hard life and she wanted to be there for him. She does not have your number so this is how we can respond. No one is meant to be “left out” Just know your message is welcome and best wishes to everyone. Handling things the best way she can without conflict or extra pain inflicted is best…. So much hurt when someone goes so young. Words don’t seem to help at all … but thanks for the sentiments is the best we can say…

  9. A message from Liz
    Bobby will always be my angel baby. Bobby is perfect to me and will love him and pray for him for the rest of my life. Bobby is an angel watching down on everyone he loved and those who loved him, I love you hijo
    Love mom Liz

  10. This is Angie again Bobby’s aunt-
    Please know there is no funeral due to the circumstances of Bobby’s death and no one has been left out. Each family is welcome to celebrate Bobby’s life as they wish and decide how they choose to live after this unfortunate happening of a death so young. No way to have a funeral service due to such conflicts. Im sure he loved his brothers and sisters cousins and family and I do wish them well. Bobby is free now and no need for arguing or fighting cuz this will not bring Bobby back. There is hurt all around and each person has their own grieving process. SO I do hope people can stop saying they have been left out. What is left out is a life that had no chance due to the situation. On behalf of Bobby good luck to everyone In this grieving process.. Best wishes to everyone. There will be no gathering for a funeral service but I do hope Peace can be found …

  11. My condolences to everyone. Especially for my sister. she loved Bobby so much. We never gave up on Bobby. We loved him to the end. Love from His aunty Angie

  12. My wonderful nephew. I love you. And i wish it didnt have to be this way but god had a new wonderful life waiting for you. I know youre in a better place full of smiles and niceness. I wish i would of had a chance to see you the other day. Liz im sorry for our loss and ive been calling your phone. Im the719 214-69 number. If you need anything just call. Or even call so i know you’re alright. Love you.

  13. Bobby as I write this I’m still in shock that this is even true. You were one of my cousins that I met first from my dad’s side of the family. I wish your time wasn’t up. I wish I could take a lot of things back and go back to being in high school with you… When things were ok for us. I will miss you I wish we would of had more time with you. Your family is in prayers.. Including the ones people don’t want involved… Like your father and siblings… No matter what they still lost you too. No matter the life they live they will still be grieving and therefore they too will be included in my prayers along with his mom grandparents and extended family and friends. . If it was you.. You wouldn’t want someone to keep you out of Bobbys funeral. I’m sure Bobby wouldn’t want anyone excluded. Don’t deny him people that he loved rather you approve of it or not!

  14. Little Bobby, we are so sad that your number was called at such an early age. I will always remember you as such a good hearted kid. Now there is peace and no more suffering. You will always be in our hearts.

    Sweet Dreams – Love You – Love God – Amen.

    Elizabeth and the rest of our family would like to thank everyone for their generosity, thoughts, encouragement, and prayers.

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