Megan Elizabeth Clegg

megan clegg

June 27, 1983 ~ December 18, 2021

Born in: Salt Lake City, UT
Resided in: Pueblo, CO

Megan Elizabeth Clegg, 38, passed unexpectedly on Dec. 18, 2021. Survived by husband, Jason Clegg; daughter, Cara Clegg; and sons, Gary Clegg and Viktor Clegg. Preceded in death by her father, Alex Vass. Megan was born on June 27, 1983, in Salt Lake City, Utah and earned her Associate Degree in Political Science with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. She was a stay-at-home care giver for her youngest son, Viktor. Her favorite saying was, “Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened.” Cremation, Montgomery & Steward Crematorium.

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  1. My beautiful wife. A year ago we lost you, and there has not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. You knew me better than anyone, just like I knew you better than anyone. 15 intimate years with you, was a blessing. When you passed, a huge part of me died with you. I miss all of inside jokes, our weird little world we lived in, our knowing what eachother was thinking, our late-night talks about nothing and everything, the tears we cried together, and the passionate way we loved eachother. Your memory lives on through me, and our three wonderful kids, who loved you more than the rest of world could possibly understand. I see you in all of them, and I hear you in the world around me.

    I want you to know that the kids and I are going to be okay, I don’t want you to worry. And I want you to know that no one could ever replace you, because there is no one like you. You touched so many peoples lives, and just like the beautiful soul you are, made a long and lasting impression on everyone of them, but you will always be loved, and remembered by the people closest to you.

  2. It’s been a year and your memory has been disrespected and tarnished. I am so deeply sorry that you had to deal with all that you did but I am thankful you are no longer suffering.

    You are still loved and remembered by those who truly saw you.

  3. I got to know Megan after the loss of her father, Alex. Alex was a friend from High School. I enjoyed messages with Megan, in which we shared photos and memories. I am truly saddened by the loss of this lovely lady. To her husband and her three beautiful children, I hope that beautiful memories comfort you. Sincere condolences

  4. Megan, I came to know and love you through my dear friend Alex, your dad. I will miss our chats. Thank you for the heart you sent me on the 15th. Tell your dad I miss him!

    Love, Joan

  5. Jason dear our hearts go out to you and the kids. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
    Much love from us to you,
    Daryl and Tracy

  6. We loved getting to know your family when we lived in Herriman. Megan had a spirit of kindness that lifted others, and Jason you showed strength and faith. You are in our thoughts and prayers at this difficult time. Please know that many love and support you and that the Lord’s grace and power are always extended to you.

  7. My aunt Megan is a beautiful soul she has beautiful strong energy like a witch. You could see her aura shine around her. She was so caring and would stop whatever she was doing to lend a helping hand. She had the most beautiful smile and beautiful brown hair that would shine in the sun. Now she’s part of the shining sun and brings us light and warmth she will always be with us all.

  8. I just lost a good and long-time friend without warning. I am so sad, and wish the best to others who also feel the loss.

  9. With a very heavy heart, and much denial, I want to wish Megan well with journey to the next life. You will be missed tremendously.

  10. From one of thetraumaladys followers. We will miss you as part of the sisterhood. Your voice was important and brought knowledge we all needed to learn. Forever in my heart. RIP. May your family stay strong during these next difficult weeks that follow.

  11. This past September marked 3 years we’ve known eachother. 3 years that passed by much too fast to be honest. I scrolled through our old messages looking for the exact date that we met, which is why it took so long for me to write something….I kept getting lost in all the good times we had. I’m going to miss talking to you everyday, our late night banter or even just the times we were so excited, we couldn’t quite type fast enough and needed to call. You were a wonderful friend, Megan. I would even call you family. You were there for me when I felt like no one else was, and Kelsey and I did the same for you.
    I’m not quite sure what I’m more saddened by- the memories we will never be able to share together again or the moments that we never got to have…we were already planning what our next girls only trip was going to be. I was looking forward to more late nights of us star gazing as we sang our hearts out to the moon, and early mornings where we gushed over art or the latest news for our favorite shows.
    You are going to be so missed, Megan. Our hearts are broken without you here, and there will always be an empty void in our group that no one but you could fill…May we meet again my friend. Blessed be </3

  12. My heart is broken. I know I hadn’t seen or talked to you in a long time, but you were instrumental in saving my sanity during one of my darkest times. I thought about you a lot, I always hoped you were doing well, and I actually tried to find you on social media on the 17th to reach out. You were a bright, beautiful light. I am so sad you are gone. I’ve cried so damned hard. I hope you are at peace. You will always be missed. Go existentialize and maybe one day I’ll meet you again.

  13. Megan, I love you. I’m so grateful we had the opportunity to become close. You were the most devoted beautiful mother. I will miss our conversations and online word games. I will miss talking law and politics with you. I will miss everything about you. We
    Made a lot of great memories. They will not be forgotten. My heart is at peace knowing you are in a Gods grace and surrounded by the love you deserve. I know I will see you again. I know this is just for a moment and we will be eternity sisters. We got to experience a lot of temporal life supporting each other through ups and downs. I learned so much from you. I loved singing with you and laughing. We laughed and laughed together. We cried together. We changed and grew together. We did stupid things together. We got mad at each other. We stuck up for each other. We lived Megan. We lived and had a good run. I am so thankful we had this. You are amazing and your heart was so big. Sometimes too big. LOL. Thank you for letting me love your kids and thank you for being my friend and sister-in-law. You did an amazing job at this life. I’m sorry it was time for you to go so early. I’m truly sorry you were unable to find the appreciation you deserved. I appreciated you and I pray you left us knowing how much I love you. I will help Jason with the kids like we have discussed on a couple different occasions. They will know you loved them. You will never be out of our sight. I promise. I will help Jason give them everything they need spiritually and temporally. I will prepare them for the day they will back in your arms. Oh gosh Megan I wish I was with you. You would still be here. I would have followed you around like I did before constantly reminding you of how valuable you are. But it wasn’t meant for me to follow you around. God called you home. Your time here was done. I’m happy for you. You’re with Jesus Christ and Oh my gosh you deserve to be in his love. I’m glad I wasn’t with you actually. I’m glad you get to be home. I’m rambling. That’s what I do! Ha ha ha ha well sista I love you and I’ll miss you. Tyrell told me to tell you he loves you. Oh and guess what he is getting out soon. Love you lovely lady forever and always.

  14. Mom.

    I’m sorry. I love you with every fiber of my being. You never know how much you miss someone until you crave something as simple as their laughter. I hope you’re without pain and suffering.


  15. Megan, you are without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will love you until the stars fall from the sky, and an eternity beyond. Rest now baby, I will see you again.

  16. I only knew you for a short time but I and thankful and honored that I got to call you my friend. You were so fiery and passionate, intelligent and kind… You shone so brightly and I’m just thankful you can be at peace now. You are loved and the world is definitely lesser for having lost you.

  17. Megan you were a wonderful friend to me and Tony.. we loved your beautiful kindness and always had a smile on your face.. we will miss you so much.. My family and I will never forget you and how wonderful you were as a person.. Love you 💕💜.. Love the Martinez Family ❤️❤️

  18. I will miss you so much. You were a wonderful friend and mother. I hope you find the peace there that was so elusive here.

  19. I’m so happy to have met you. You were an amazing person, full of life and love. Your Smile could light up the room. I’m so happy to have spent time with you. I Love You! I miss you so much!

  20. I’m so lucky to have met you and had you in my life. Even though we never met in person, you always made me feel so special and capable as I made the next ventures in my life. Thank you for being there. And you are so loved, Megan. Our lives won’t be the same without you. Hopefully you are at peace now. Love you always.

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