Margaret Gonzales

margaret gonzales

June 10, 1927 ~ April 15, 2005

Resided in: Pueblo, CO

Margaret 'Maggie' Gonzales, 77, passed away April 15, 2005, in Pueblo, Colorad. Survived by her children, Manuel Gonzales Jr., JoAnn Fajardo, Luis Gonzales, Susie (Danny) Dominquez, Peggy Montano, Pauline (Ray) Flores, Frances Aragon, Betty Gonzales, Timba (Tracy) Clayton and Marilyn (Carlos) Gomez; sisters, Dora Pacheco and Sen Gonzales; 21 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; and numerous friends and relatives. Preceded in death by her parents, Carlos and Margarita Olonia; brother and sister-in-law, Manuel and Theresa Olonia; sister, Emma Vigil; brother-in-law, Ernest Gonzales; and special niece, Margie Casarez. Maggie was born June 10, 1927, in Taos, N.M. She retired from St. Mary Corwin Hospital as a cook and was a foster grandparent for 17 years. Member of St. Joseph Church. Viewing at the funeral home Monday from 2 to 4 p.m. Prayer service, 7 p.m. Monday, April 18, 2005, in the Montgomery & Steward Chapel. Funeral Mass, 10 a.m. Tuesday, April 19, 2005, at St. Joseph Church, 1145 Aspen. Interment will follow at Roselawn Cemetery. Online condolences,

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  1. Mama, its been awhile since i wrote on this page. Alot of things have happened this last year. I wish you were here to help me through all of this. I need you Mama more then ever. Oneday will be together again. Love your baby girl. Marilyn



  3. Hello Mommy, it\\\’s 01 Jan 2007, Happy New Year, Another year without you, I miss you Mama. We didn\\\’t do much we stood home and just kicked back, Jay, Carlos and I. It was alot safer being at home, then to be out with all the drunks on the street. I love you Mom and I think about you alot, Its not the same without you. I am going to make you proud of me this new year. I am working full time on my Real Estate and hope to be successful this year. I know I will do good, because I know you are watching over me. Until we meet again Love your baby, Marilyn

  4. Dear Mom, today is Saturday 27 May 2006. Its a three day weekend, Carlos and Jay and I are just kicking back, enjoy the weather here In Las Vegas, We miss you so much. Its been over 1 year since you have been gone, One day hasn’t passed where I don’t think about you. Mommy, You were my whole life, my mom, dad and best friend. I miss our talks on the phone, I miss you, Oneday, Mommy will be together again. I know you miss us too. Mom, I am finally doing what I want, I am going to school at night, I am taking the Real Estate Class’ so I can be a Realtor, I know you are watching me from up above, because with you I couldnt accomplish my dreams. Carlos and I are doing good. He miss’ you too. Until we meet again. I love you with all my heart. Love Marilyn

  5. Grandma,

    Thank you for all the wonderful years you have given us.
    You will never be forgotten.

    Love you,

  6. Mom, I love you and will miss you. You are the best mom, I am so fortunate you were always there for me. Love your daughter,


  7. Hello my beautiful Mommy, Its Christmas Eve, I am all alone. Carlos took J.D. snowboarding in Utah. I think about you so much mommy, All i want for Christmas is to keep the Memories I have of you close to my heart. Thank you Mommy for being the best Mom Ever. Merry Christmas Mommy. Love your baby girl Marilyn

  8. Marilyn,
    My prayer for you and your family is that God show his comfort and carry your family through this time of sadness. Love Tammy

  9. Marilyn, I so sorry about your loss, I know how it feels. There is no one who can fill that void when you lose your MOM.But just remember the great things you sharred with her and all the beautiful moments you will always remember. She is in your heart always. She is at peace and not hurting anymore. Love you, your friend Ramona

  10. Mommy, I will miss you so much, you were the best mom any daughter could ever ask for. You should me how to be such a strong woman. Thank you mom for being there for us through all that we have been through. I miss you so much and love you too. lots of kisses and hugs. love you baby Marilyn

  11. Tia Dora and family, we are unable to be with you at this time but our prayers are with you.

  12. Tia Dora and family, we are unable to be with you at this time but our prayers are with you.

  13. Tia Dora and family, we are unable to be with you at this time but our prayers are with you.

  14. Dearest Cousins, We are unable to be with you in person, but Tia Maggie and each of you is in our prayers. May the Lord give you His peace that your mother is her usual joyous self in His presence.
    God bless. Tina & Ken Montoya

  15. 23 July 2006, Hello Mommy, i miss you, this month went so fast, i finished my class’ to become a Real Estate Agent, hopefully by the end of the year i will be doing good, you would be so proud of me. I love you so much, life is not the same without you. Susie and Pancha came and visited us last week, it was so fun, Timba and Tracy come alot, i love it….Pauline and Ray came last month and Louie is coming in September, that will be so fun. I wish you were here to enjoy it with them all. I wish we would have moved to Las Vegas years ago, so you could have came to see us. Jay and Carla are doing good. Carlos is going good, I am so blessed to have him in my life. I love you Mommy, I think of you alot and miss you so much. I will be with you oneday, I love you mommy

    Love Marilyn

  16. My Dearest Mommy, I miss you so much. I went home to Pueblo on April 15, 2006, it was awlful without you. Timba, Peggy and Pauline spent that day together in Cripple Creek, we talked about you so much. Everybody miss’ you mom. We went into our house, it was so empty without you. Mom, you brought so much join into ourlives, and without you, there is a void in our hearts. Its not the same, you were our Mom, Dad and mostly best friend. I pray for you alot mom, that you are resting in peace. Last night I had a dream about you. We were in the clouds, and I was telling you that i won at the Casino, you told me to go play some more, but I looked at your face and you had tears, I kneeled next to you and I cried too. I held you so close to my hear. I felt like you were so near me mom, then I was crying in my sleep and woke up. I wanted to go back to sleep to see you again. I miss you so much Mom, its has been along year and a very sad one…………..Oneday mommy, we will be together, I know that in my heart, you are not suffering no more, you are in Heaven waiting for us…………….Until then Mom, always remember your children, all of us, Miss you and love you.

    Love Marilyn

  17. Hello Mommy, Its been to long since i came here to say hello and i love you so much. Things here in Las Vegas are the same. I just wish you were here with us. I miss you more and more eachday. Love Me, Marilyn

  18. Mommy, today is December 6, 2006, I am on vacation for 1 week. I wanted to get my Real Estate going so by the end of the year my name is out there. I miss you so much. I wish you were here for the holidays, its not the same without you. I know one day, we will be together again. I want to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. I know you are watching me from Heaven, I feel you. You give me the strength to go on. I love you Mommy. Love Marilyn

  19. Mommy, its been a year since i wrote in this book. I think of you everyday.. I need you so much mommy, i missing your voice and your smile……..I miss you so much Love your baby Marilyn

  20. Mommy, its 07 April 2006. I just want to let you know how much I love you and miss you. Mom, life is not the same without you, There is not a day that I have not thought of you. Life will never be the same. I bet heaven is beautiful, I know you are in Heaven and you are with your Dad, Mom all our family and friends that passed away. You are in a peaceful place now, no more suffering mom. I didn’t like to see you sick you suffered so much. All of your children miss you mom. Oneday we will be together again Mommy, oneday. I can’t stop thanking you for being the best Mom any daughter could have, you sacrificed alot for us mommy, you are a true survivor and a very strong woman, I got all my strength from you….We will be together again soon. Until til then…….I miss you so much, lots of love and kiss’..
    your daughter Marilyn

  21. Mommy, its been almost 4 momths that you have been gone, I miss you more and more each day. I wish you were here visting us In Las Vegas, but I know you are watching over us from heaven.. I love you so much mommy………….Love your baby Marilyn

  22. 27 May 2007, Its been awhile since i signed in this guestbook. I miss you so much Mom. Life has not been the same since you passed away. I wish you were here, I need you, I need to talk to you….I need you so much right now and always. Mommy if you can hear me, hold my heart and heal it……………… you mommy

  23. Mommy, its been almost a year since you left to heaven. I miss you so much, life will never be the same. I know you are in heaven, putting smiles on everybody faces. You are the greatest MOM/DAD that anybody could ever ask for. I know you can hear me everytime I talk to you, because i feel you so near. I just wish i could put my hands around you and hold you tight. I still have my ducky, thank you for everything you done for me mom. I miss you and will never forget you. Love you baby, Marilyn

  24. Hello Mommy, its June 14, 2006, this passed weekend was your birthday, it has been really hard for me to be without you. I miss you much, I cry alot inside, I wish you were here with us. I know you are in a better place and not suffering anymore, but, i can’t help wishing you were back with us. I wish i could turn back the clock and go back 25 + years, i would have done things so differently. But, we can never go back, we can just wish. We would have been alot closer, I missed you all those years I was gone, i thought about you everyday. I can still remember freshly, when you and Margie, wicho came to Italy to visit us. It was the best time of our lives. You didn’t like the food, but you had so much fun. How about the time, the Italians where chasing us on the freeway, i couldn’t believe i was driving 100 miles per hour to get away, until we got to the guards at the military base, we lauged after that, how about when had your pink rollers on and the Italian people were freaking out, you made me laugh so much. I miss all the good times we had, we never had an argument in our lives. you were such a wonderful Mom/Dad to us, you gave us more Love and Patience that we could ever ask for. I am proud to say I am Maggie Gonzales daughter, You made me a proud daughter, until we meet again, love your baby Marilyn Gomez

  25. 04 september 2006, Dear Mom, I miss you so much, its been 1 year 4 months sent you left to be with God, everyday I think of you. I wish you were here. Jay turn 17 tommorow, I remember the day he was born, you and Timba came to help me out, you had a plane to catch and you left but you came back, you wanted to be with me. I was so happy, you did so much for us Mom, you never wanted us alone, You are the best Mom ever, I can’t stop telling you that. I just want you to know you are loved and missed so much. Love you Mom. Love your baby girl Marilyn

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