We regretfully announce the death of Andrew Martin DiMatteo, born May 26th, 1974, died September 12th, 2005. He was 31 years old. Andy was a charming and wild at heart daredevil, known for being exceptionally kind to his friends and family. He was genuinely passionate in all he did, including auto mechanics, paragliding, RC planes, fast motorcycles and having a real good time. Andy is survived by his two brothers, Anthony (Maggie) and David (Andrea) DiMatteo; Grandfather, Tony DiMatteo; Aunts, Sharon and Shirley; Cousins, Jennifer, Mike, Tommy, Danielle, and their children. Andy will also be missed by his two puppies, Doc and Wyatt. Cremation, Montgomery & Steward Crematorium. Per Andy's wishes, there will be no formal service. In lieu of flowers please make a donation to the Pikes Peak Humane Society, 610 Abbott Lane, Colorado Springs, Colo. 80905 or c/o Montgomery & Steward Funeral Directors, 1317 N. Main St., Pueblo, Colo. 81003, in his name. For more stories about Andy and a chance to leave yours, please visit the following online condolence link, www.montgomerysteward.com

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  1. I am so saddened and so confused that this happened. I had some really fun times with you, Andy (the Deemer!). On our first date in 1998 you took me to look at classic cars, so you. You held up a sign at a WWF match that said VANYA ROCKS and had your friend record it on VHS. I was so so impressed when you showed it to me. It was so Andy-romantic. And I’ll always remember the time you painted “Motley Crue” on your bedroom wall as a joke for me and when you painted over it it always showed through. I loved your smile and your smell. You thought I was crazy because I would save your dirty wife beaters and keep them under my pillow so I could smell that good Andy smell! I still have some of your movies… and one of them was pushed in the other day. I hope you are in a better place. I am so sad to know that you were even in a place to feel this bad. Thanks for everything. Thanks for being my Valentines day date in 2001 at the Cruise Room. I’m sooo sad. I just wish you were okay.

    To Andy’s family, I’m so sorry for your horrible loss. I have some good pictures of Andy if you want to email me I’ll send them.

    -Vanya Lasagna

  2. Andy is a man that I truly love. I left him once and he left me once. Then he left us all. For that, I am deeply saddened.
    You used to give me so much shit for not living up to my potential and vice versa. We were capable of great things, just not together. These last few years that I haven’t been a part of your life, you did some great things. I wish I could have been there just to give you shit. You are such a stubborn man, but strong still. If only there could have been more time for you to do more of the things that made us all love you.
    But time inevitably runs out for everyone. I’m so sorry we didn’t know. But I do know that I will see you again, it always happens like that.

    Andy, I’m so sorry for hurting you.

    I love you.

    (but you always knew these things, didn’t you?)

  3. Anthony, Maggie, David, and Andrea, you are wonderful and kind people and I feel blessed that I got to meet you and your brother. I think of you all every day.
    Andy where you used to be there’s a hole that I keep walking around in the daytime and falling into at night. I miss you so bad.

  4. I will miss Andy with all of my heart. I watched him grow up from an awkward boy to a beautiful man.
    Not only Andy, but his brothers Anthony and David as well. They are wonderful people and I look forward to knowing them and their families for a long time.
    Deep in my heart I know that Andy is with his Mom and all the other members of our family that have gone before us. However, the selfish side on me feels he went too soon. I will miss his smile, the comfort of knowing he is here, and the person I had intended to get to know, but missed the opportunity.

    Thank you to all the people that have signed this book and came to the memorial. It helped me know Andy and realize he was loved by many.

    Find peace Andy.

    Love, Cousin Jennifer

  5. I will always remember Andy as a great friend. We shared alot of time together in the years I was in Colorado, and those were some of the best years of my life. I hope you find peace Andy –
    To Anthony and David – My thoughts are with you.

  6. it’s still hard for me to look at pictures of andy. i guess he had a side i didn’t know, because the person i knew liked to laugh and have a good time. he always had a smile on his face, but he did have trouble getting over a break-up. the last time i saw him, he slept on my couch which was (i think) the day before he left for denver. i was thinking the change would do him good and that one day, he’d be back. RIP, andy. you’ll be missed for a long, long time.

  7. Anthony and David , I am so sorry for your loss. It has been a long time since I’ve seen any of you boys, but I was so upset to here of this. Andy, I don’t know what to say other than I so enormously enjoyed our turbulent friendship and I will think of you fondly, and often.Peace be with you.

  8. I’ve been trying to think of how I can capture how I felt and saw Andy. He really wasn’t a friend or a drinking buddy to me. He was family.
    Andy was the story teller, he was the joke teller, he was the free spirit. In some ways all the boys are. Anthony and David share the same reserve that flows with wit and charisma. Each of you hold your own, but also have your own flavor for life. You have been my other half for many years and I feel blessed to share in this family. I know these past years have been hard, too hard.
    We will come through..together and we will cherish everything more for it.

    Andy lives on in us and the family that will grow. We will share stories and love.

    Andy, you are so very much loved. We will remember your attitude for life, your knack for great books, your masked heart and your ability to light up a room with your smile.

    I will miss all the times to come.


  9. My deepest condolences to Anthony and David. When I ran into Andy a few years ago, he was just as I had remembered- witty, charming, and a caring friend.

  10. Most of my good friends become my family because I don’t have much of one. Andy was one of the people that was a part of my family. I’m really sorry that I didn’t have the right thing to say to stop you from what you were about to do. Sad to say but I was irritated by the call because you had been doing this a bit lately but I figured you would pass out and sleep it off like usual. You liked getting under peoples skin and that was one of the things I really liked about you but I believe the fact that you were a genuinely good hearted person is why I loved the hell out of you and still do. I find myself constantly sad now because I know I’ll never see you again. Everybody is asking why you did this and why your life had to come to an end so early but we should all remember how you effected our lives and the good times we had together. We can’t go back in time but we still had some good runs left buddy, just so ya’ know.

  11. I owe so much to Andy, he was and forever will be a great friend. I’ve known him for many years, and can recall many crazy fun stories with him… I’m sure there are many I can’t recall as well. I didn’t realize what a significant part of my life he was until now, he’s left a big hole that will be hard to fill. Take care Andy, I’ll never forget you.

  12. To think of Andy as gone is inconceivable, and so I will keep his memory in my heart and think of him often. We will always be roommates who clashed, who tatooed, who rockabillied, who forged our way through many good and bad times. My deepest sympathies to his brothers, Anthony and David.

  13. One of my favorite pictures of all time is one of Andy. He is in the middle: on one side a cute girl is kissing him and on the other side my friend is hugging him. He looks completely loved and happy. I have looked at this picture for the past 5 years and laughed at the memory. I am so glad that I had the opportunity to get to know him again in Denver. He was an exceptional charismatic force.

  14. Andy was one of my best friends EVER! He taught me how to drive a stick shift in 11th grade. We partied like rock stars in Denver. I was there when he cut his hair: beginning the transformation to the stud he became.
    I’m not surprised to see how many lives he has touched- he was quite an amazing person. I will truly miss him. I loved him.

  15. i just want to thank andy for being exactly the person he was – he has given me some of the craziest memories, which will cause me to laugh at always the wrong time… to anthony, maggie, david, andrea and family my heart aches for you but you know that i am a phone call away.
    your chicken-boo

  16. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been in contact with the DiMatteo clan. I only wish it were under different circumstances that I write to you. Anthony and David, there is not much I feel that I can say in order to comfort you. I feel fortunate that I knew Andy, and I am saddened by your loss. Please take care of eachother. Know that my thoughts are with you.

  17. We send our sympathy and best wishes to Anthony, David, Grandpa Tony and all who knew and loved Andy. His passing has touched us with sadness and we know he will be missed.

  18. All my good memories out weigh the bad, even if we butted heads 99% time. you will always be the long hair hippy who lived below the punks who turned into the buckskin stallion we all grew to love. You will be missed.

  19. My deepest sympathy to all of Andy’s family and friends. I was first introduced to Anthony, Andy and David during our childhood at The Pueblo Day Care Center. Andy and I became close over the years. We spent a great deal of time together, growing up in this town. He probably knew me better than he wanted to. That opportunity I am most grateful for. He always knew what to say to brighten up my day. The last time I saw him. He gave me the warmest hug and paid me the most thoughtful, sincere compliment I can remember since. He was a genuine good guy! Thanks for the final compliment Andy. It has given me strength and brought a smile to my face on many of my difficult days. Andy was a true friend. A spirit unfettered! Thanks for all the memories. I will never forget.
    – Amy Lea

  20. I have many o memory of Andy. For 3 years, I watched him strut his stuff down the halls of Central High School… I was blessed to come to know Andy through great friends and his amazing brother, Anthony. Much fun was had when he was around. His amazing smile was always a delight to see. How I wish I would’ve crossed paths with him again, to see the incredible being he had become….to say hello to an old friend just one more time. The picture of him fishing brings a happy tear to my eye…he looks so calm…so happy…so at peace. And so he shall be.
    My thoughts and heart are with you all.
    My love,
    Michelle Hupp

  21. To me Andy was like a force of nature.Wild and completely unpredictable.I never quite knew what to expect when I was around him and I loved him for that.He,Anthony,David, and their mother Patty where such a special part of my childhood that they’ve always felt like family to me.I’ll miss you Andy…and I’ll miss the fact that the world was a funner place to be when you where around.

  22. Andy was a man’s man. He could fix cars, ride motorcycles, drink you under the table, and still get all the ladies. His passion was apparent through his smile. He was the closest thing to a brother I’ll ever have. I knew Andy for more than half of my life and I can’t imagine what I would be like without him. He will live on forever in my heart and in all things punkrock. I love you Andy.

  23. My kids, Alissa and Zachary Taylor, lived across the street from the DiMatteo’s in The Blocks. We send our love to the family. -Jacque

  24. Andy I am really sorry I did not get to say good bye.I wish things were different. I will really miss you. Your loving Grandpa Tony

  25. Andy and I were friends in middle school. I remember how he used to be such a clown. He always made us laugh. I hadn’t seen him for a long time but he is someone that I will never forget. God bless you, Andy Panda.

  26. I would like to send my condolences to Anthony and David. They have been through a ton recently, and my heart goes out to them and the rest of the family. I met Andy about 15 years ago in Pueblo. There was a crew of about 7-8 of us that always hung out. I remember him always bringing humor to any situation. I had alot of fun growing up with him. He was a good friend, and he will be truly missed by me and by all. I Love You Bro……

  27. I first remember Andy as the middle child of a young family attending church together at St. Patricks parrish in Pueblo. I later got to know Andy the best out of the DiMattio family. At 14 years old, Andy had a zest for life and a smile for those around him. The last conversation I had with Andy (he was a senior in high school) he offered me his “social business card!” 🙂
    The Sunday service I attended today, I offered to Andy and his beautiful mother.
    Andy, may your soul rest in peace and may perpetual light shine upon you.
    To Andy’s family and close friends, May you find peace at this time of great loss. God Bless You.
    Monica Harmes-Elizando
    Pueblo, CO

  28. Our deepest sympathy to Anthony, David, Amy and Grandpa Tony on the loss of their loved one Andy. May he rest in peace. The John DiMatteo Family.

  29. For 15 years we’ve known each other. I’m going to miss you very much. With all the great memories and stories- I salute you!!! A good friend, drinking partner, the motorcycle rides and causing chaos!
    You will never be forgoten!

  30. I would like to send my condolences to Anthony & David, also to all of the wonderful friends he had over the years.
    I will miss Andy he was like a brother to me. Andy was also the one who introdused me to my best friend. That I can never thank him enough for. We may have had some disagreements over the years, but I knew he would always be there for me. Andy was one of the greatest most original guys I will ever meet.
    ….I hope everything is better for him now.
    love, Shae

  31. I would like to send my condolences to Anthony & David, also to all of the wonderful friends he had over the years.
    I will miss Andy he was like a brother to me. We may have had so disagreements but I knew he would always be there for me. Andy was one of the greatest most original guys I will ever meet.
    ….I hope everything is better for him now.
    love, Shae

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