4 Uplifting Ideas for Commemorating the Anniversary of a Loved One’s Passing

Creating an Occasion for Smiles

Every person, no matter where or how long they lived, has special dates associated with their lives. Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and notable events all come to mind as we pass through the calendar year. And while many of those occasions bring smiles and fond memories back to us, the approaching dates of other events might leave us, and the ones we love, filled with dread.

The anniversary of a loved one’s passing is not traditionally thought of in Western cultures as a motivation for celebration. But the inevitability of the date arriving every year leaves us with two options. We can choose to anticipate the date with sadness and fear, leaving ourselves miserable in the process. 

We can also choose to celebrate on that date, turning it into yet another way to love and appreciate those who have in turn made our lives so special. 

Ideas to Celebrate and Remember

Here are four ideas for turning the date of a special person’s passing into an uplifting occasion of commemoration and gratitude.

  • A meal at their favorite restaurant

If your loved one grew up or lived in the same town as you, you’ve probably heard of their favorite restaurant. Maybe you ate at the restaurant with them enough times to know their “usual” order.

Schedule a dinner with friends or family to celebrate the life of your loved one, Eat, drink, and be merry with fond memories of your companion. And don’t forget to dedicate a toast in their honor.

  • A movie night with their favorite movie

This is appropriate for any age, both in terms of the person being remembered and the ones remembering, What’s more, this is an intimate occasion to relive and remember within the sanctuary of your own home. Have family and friends gather at a preselected house, turn on your loved one’s favorite movie, and give as many hugs as needed throughout. 

  • Community service in their honor 

Many of the people we love are somehow associated with a community cause, whether it be through passion or need. Coming together to serve the community in honor of a loved one that has passed is uplifting in a myriad of ways. Not only do you have the opportunity to work together with the people who loved that certain soul, but you are able to help others in the process, which is an indescribable feeling.

  • Practice their favorite hobby

Was your loved one passionate about a certain sport or hobby? Did they have an unmatched collection, or did they have a weekly habit? Together with your family and friends, participate in whatever activity it was that made your loved one unique and special. Even if you are not very good at it, you can have a laugh and appreciate how your loved one would be so cheerful if they could see you.

Commemoration through Warmth and Love

Community is an integral part of the grieving process after the loss of someone we love, but oftentimes we tend to forget that the lasting effects of grief can return, even on a yearly basis, depending on how we choose to remember and reframe the occasion of passing. By celebrating and uplifting the date instead of fearing it, we create a moment for bonding, gathering, and remembrance. 

Please feel free to contact us here at Montgomery & Steward for more information and other suggestions for lifting up the lives of your loved ones.

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