Things you can do to make your funeral more green.

Have you ever thought about your carbon footprint after you are gone?

Many people strive to make choices that reduce the impact their life has on the environment.  These choices include being mindful about energy use, water conservation, dietary choices, and reusable or recyclable packaging.

Here are 5 ways you can make your funeral more green, whether you choose cremation or burial.

  1. Consider Green Burial – If there is a cemetery in your area that offers Green Burial that means there will not be any inground vaults, there will be no casket, and no embalming. This is not for everyone.  Despite its lack of materials, Green burial can be more expensive than you think.  This is partly because it requires a larger grave site than a traditional burial space.  Another consideration is that because there is no embalming, it may reduce options for the type of service you would prefer to have.  For large visitations and extended hours, embalming is usually required for health reasons.
  2. Consider a Mausoleum – Earth burial requires perpetual maintenance which means weekly mowing and trimming around thousands of headstones. An above-ground structure can reduce the amount of space that needs mowing and maintenance.
  3. Consider Cremation – Cremation is becoming more popular for many reasons. One of them includes being “green.”  While the initial emissions of a cremation may seem not so green, longer term, there can be an extraordinary difference compared to a perpetually maintained grave site. You can also choose to place cremated remains in benches, boulders, and ossuaries at some cemeteries rather than in ground burial.
  4. Consider Scattering – Scattering is allowed in many places with the correct permission. Some cemeteries even have dedicated scattering areas that are not maintained with mowers and grounds equipment.
  5. Consider Whole Body Donation – Many people like the idea that their earthly remains can have a purpose and benefit the lives of others.Your donation supports many educational opportunities, including teaching students, medical residents, physicians and other medical trainees. Most body donations end with cremation.

There are many other ways you can consider making greener choices if you have lived your life sensitive to environmental concerns.  Our helpful staff can answer any questions you have and show you ways you can have a greener funeral.

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