Victor Manuel Moreno, 81, passed away Aug. 2, 2010. Survived by his wife, Pam; sons, Tony of Pueblo, Mark and Rodney both of Hesperia, Calif.; sister, Blanca Moreno of Argentina; and grandchildren, Victor and Helen Moreno. Victor was born Aug. 19, 1928, in Buenos Aires, Argentina to Manuel and Ada Moreno. He was a premier dancer in Buenos Aires and taught dancing in Pueblo since 2007. The family thanks Sangre de Cristo Hospice for the care they gave Victor. There will be no viewing. Cremation, Montgomery & Steward Crematorium. Memorial service, 2 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010, in the Montgomery & Steward Chapel with the Rev. Father Bill Huber, Ph.D. officiating. Online condolences,

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  1. My warmest condolences and prayers of the passing of Sr. Victor. I always admired and respected him as an instructor, master and friend. I enjoyed my time as a student dancer in his Carlsbad, CA studio, North County Ballet in the early 80s. Please receive my condolences.

    He always encouraged me to do the best in and out of class and performances. Since I had no money, he gave me a scholarship and I stayed after classes to help around the sessions to help him do anything that I possibly could to pay him back.

    I loved talking to Mama. We would spend hours with each other and she would tell me stories of his youth and his career. I loved hearing them.

    If possible, can you have Karen contact me at the email above. or anyone else that danced with me during me time with Sr. Moreno.

  2. My thoughts have often turned to Victor throughout the years and I’m happy to have found this, although I do wish his family and friends my belated condolences on losing this incredible man.

    I met Victor in 1975 at the age of twenty. I’d always wanted to study ballet and finally, in meeting Victor, he gave me my chance. North County Academy of Ballet was a family, and Victor was the father. We practiced in an old church, and it was a spiritual experience. Victor’s dedication, love, warmth, enthusiasm, as well as his amazing talents as a ballet dancer and instructor will always live on in my memories and in those who knew him.

    I remember starting out in the beginners class, with all the little ten year old girls, and me at twenty, feeling awkward. Victor kept me inspired to offer my best efforts, and beyond, and one day he came up to me and said, “Now, this is ‘beginning!’ I’ve never forgotten that, and it stands with me today as a deeper understanding of mastery and the time and effort required to truly master anything.

    Once I lost my job and told Victor I’d have to hold off attending class for a while. He wouldn’t accept this, and gave me a scholarship to study with him for free until I found another job. This allowed me to continue my studies.

    When it came time to dance in a number of performances over the holiday season for the community, Victor expected us all to be present each and every time, and we came through for him as he did for us.

    Meeting and studying with Victor was a dream come true. His tremendous joy lifted me higher, beyond the ballet, inspiring me to express my own joy and share it with others as he did with us. I’m deeply grateful to have known this rare human being.

  3. I was a student of Victor’s North County Ballet in Carlsbad.
    Because of him I realized my childhood dream of being on point. I was 26, a single Mom of 4 kids. I had one year of ballet at 13 and he took me in the advanced class!!! Probably about 1986.
    I enjoyed his classes and he practically gave them to me free. I know I must have gotten behind on class payments but he never let me quit.
    Thank you, Victor and family.
    You will always be forever in my heart.
    AKA Maggie DuGuay,

  4. Dear Mrs. Moreno, I, too, like Mary Minshew, was a student of Victor’s at Edith James School of Dance…I remember him very well…he was a powerful instructor and I thank him for the kindness with discipline that he showed me during my very
    formative years. Dallas was lucky to have had such a wonderful teacher as Victor. In sympathy, Kim Shaw Kerrigan

  5. i remember Victor in dallas tx, when i studied ballet at edith james school. he was a great teacher. in 1966 there where 6 scholerships given to the school of american ballet in winter of 1966, all students of victor moreno’s proffesional class. ages from14-16. hats how great of a teacher he was!!

  6. Victor was always very good to me, even though I didn’t always deserve it. I only wish I’d paid more attention to him and less to all the girls in class with me.

    Thank you for founding Dallas Ballet Theatre, for providing such a wonderful place to be a young ballet student, and for being such a gentleman, Victor. May you dance forever.

  7. Today I wrote a blog about Victor. I was sad to find his obituary today. Victor was an amazing teacher with love of the ballet and his students that ran deep. Loved him! pdw

  8. I met Victor when I was 11yrs old and taking an open adult class at Philadelphia Civic Ballet. He was subbing for Carla Craig that night and urged me to attend his classes at Glassboro State College. My mother drove me out there 2 hours each way for 3 years, 4 days a week..

    I am who I am today because of Victor. My health, strength, love of music and discipline are all tributes to him. When he asked me to be the doll in Coppelia “because I had such a beautiful face” (for the window scene), it touched my heart. He was a character and a gentleman. He would amble into class in 1988 with a back belt on that made him look like a pro-wrestler! He would bust into turns of all sorts with 10 rotations and say that if he could do it, we could!

    Victor gave me the strength I needed to get through some very difficult times in my life. He was an AMAZING person. I’ve tried very hard to get in touch with him for years now, but was thwarted by people not replying or not knowing where he was. I finally got a letter through to someone and was told that he had passed. I am heartbroken, as something was tugging at my heart telling me to get in touch and let him know how dear he was to me. I hope that he knows anyway.

    I am so happy to hear that he found a beautiful woman who nurtured the special man that he was. He will be GREATLY MISSED. I love and miss you, Victor.

  9. My condolences to all Victor’s family, both physical and spiritual. He was the most inspirational instructor I ever had, and was the reason I continued beyond Carlsbad, CA. He was gracious and warm and encouraging, qualities required for continuing the work after he was gone. I’m eternally grateful for all the gifts he gave me/us while he was here. Thank all of you for sharing him with me.
    Ariel Simmons Hall, Student-Dancer, Carlsbad, CA/ teacher/dancer, CA

  10. I’m so sorry to hear of Victor’s death. He was a marvelous dancer, especially excelling in pirouettes and elevation. I remember his duels with the other South American “boys” backstage before performances, and he always won! I also appreciated his humor on social occasion. He will be missedm

  11. Victor was my first dance teacher in Carlsbad, CA. If not for him and his joy of dancing, his being a Latino, and his encouragement of me, I might not have fallen in love with dancing and pursued it as a career.

    I visited him several times when he was in the Philadelphia area before I lost contact with him. The last time I saw Victor was in the late 90’s when I flew him out to Milwaukee to see me dance. While he was staying with me and my family, he gave me two photographs of him that I treasure.

    I had been thinking of Victor a lot this summer, when I received news of his passing.

    He loved dance and he loved teaching and through that love he touched many hearts and inspired many careers, including mine. I am, and remain, grateful.

    My thoughts and well wishes to his family.

    Diego Carrasco Schoch

  12. Pam and family,
    My deapest sympathy to every one.
    I know this is very hard. My prayers and thoughts are with you all at this sad time. May your memories strengthen you.
    Your cousin, Trish

  13. I want to celebrate Victor Moreno’s life and the graciousness of this man on my career as a Professional dancer. The first time a saw Victor Moreno he was partnering and dancing with Louise Frazier. I was mesmerized by their dancing. I wanted to take his classes in Carlsbad Ca, but the social stigma of being a male ballet dancer in this country is not perfect. Victor Moreno encouraged me to take part in this art form and not worry about what society might say. I did take my first ballet class and it was a perfect fit, for it was the hardest thing physically that I had ever done. After about a year of intense training with Victor, I auditioned for different ballet schools from around the country. To my surprise, student dancers would ask me how long I had train for and I said one year. They were astonished that I have danced so little, but could do so much like Double Tours. I attribute this to Victor Moreno’s training and that training and philosophy I have transferred to my own students. I also have to thank Victor from linking me with great teachers and dancers that I have met over the years. Without him I would have never met Maria Tallchief, Arthur Michelle, William Christensen, Natalia Krassoska, Bene Arnolds, Toni Landers, Bruce Marks, Rosalia Kurowska-Whitney, Louise Frazier, Lila Zali, Ronn Guidi, Lauren Jonas, Mark Anthony Lopez, Sally Streets, Mark Morris and Ann Derby.

    Thank you for all that you have taught me. You are a gem of a man and through our dancing you will be remembered forever.

    Your student always, Alfonso Adame Acosta

  14. Pam & family of Victor:
    My sympathies for your loss. I’m sorry I didn’t get to know Victor. He sounds like an interesting person.
    Love, Rhonda & family

  15. Victor could always make me laugh and smile…A dedicated dancer and friend..
    I will miss you..aye!!
    love you..
    Till we meet again

  16. My deepest condolences to the family on on behalf of Ballet Pacifica. I worked with Victor for many years as both a dancer and ballet mistress for the company, and also taught in Victor’s Carlsbad, CA studio. Victor and my teacher, Ballet Pacifica founder Lila Zali, were old friends who performed together extensively, and I have many fond memories of performances we also did together. Victor was a great dancer and partner (what a turner!), and I loved dancing in some of the ballets he staged for us, including Moldavian Dances, and Polovetsian Dances, and we also were in numerous other ballets together. One perfomance I’ll always remember was when he partnered me in the Czardas in Act I of Coppelia and the taped music stopped. Victor counted aloud under his breath and all 5 couples completed the dance in unison to shouts of “Bravo.” Victor was also a bit of a “character,” but that was part of his Latin charm. I will never forget the time I plunged straight through the floor in his studio (carpentry was not his strongest skill!). He was a warm, down-to-earth person and we had many laughs together.

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